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Recent content by grayland

  1. grayland

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    A reminder to withhold remarks regarding specific vaccine manufacturer’s effectiveness or reactions. Reactions appear to widely vary on a personal basis and will have little validity from person to person. Posting rumor or hearsay can be damaging and may discourage a forum member from taking...
  2. grayland

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    My wife and I have had both of our shots. No reaction or problems with either.
  3. grayland

    Catholic Herald article

    This thread has strayed across the line of the forum rules regarding discussion of religion. It will be closed for now.
  4. grayland

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    Maybe it would be good if we could post serious suggestions for a forum pin. I think Ivar needs a bit of help in visualizing the pin. 1. Design....should be easily identifiable as Forum pin 2. Size
  5. grayland

    Booked our flights at a good rate

    I always carry everything on on the way over to Europe to avoid losing something I need on the camino. I usually check the pack and just carry valuables on the return flight as I am not concerned about baggage delays on the way home. @trecile....I used to fly out of Seattle (usually on award...
  6. grayland

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    Thanks for that correction. 😬😬 I somehow missed it. I thought it strange that no one asked about it.
  7. grayland

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    @Casa Licerio I have not seen any mention of the existing beds, furniture and Kitchen equipment, etc. How is that to be handled?
  8. grayland

    Update and farewell to Albergue Villares de Orbigo

    Lee... Sadly, the dream was reduced to a brief glimpse of what might have been. The odds were stacked against you this time, but you can be very proud of the wonderful fight you made of it. Enjoy the new grand baby.
  9. grayland

    My cancer camino

    Luka...thanks for sharing your good news. Your many friends here will continue to send prayers for more good outcome. Stay Strong. Stay Brave.
  10. grayland

    Booked our flights at a good rate

    Please note that this thread is airline Camino travel related. There have been several off topic posts deleted. Discussions of the merits of various vaccines are not suitable for the Camino Forum as the information may be misleading or false. Please take those discussions to other media...
  11. grayland

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    It may be a good time to form a local Pilgrim group. A local group is a great source for organizing walks and coffee sessions A Facebook group is a good place to maintain contact. Good luck!
  12. grayland

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    It looks like there are at least 5 pilgrims in Darwin who are anxious to get together. Hope someone can get a meet together.
  13. grayland

    Pilgrim Rescue near Roncesvalles 6/1/21

    Thanks to everyone for their input, warnings and observations on the rescue of the Pilgrim. All agree that it is inadvisable to attempt a crossing of the pass in January during a snow storm in a pandemic. It may be time to close this for now.
  14. grayland

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    I got my first vaccine shot yesterday and scheduled for the 2nd and final shot on 4 February. It feels good to move forward and get it behind us. Now we can start to think about making plans to get on the road at some point.
  15. grayland

    COVID No non-essential travel through Castile and León until May

    Lots of opinions have been aired....many have had to be deleted for serious forum rule violations. There does not seem to be much more constructive information to share here. :cool: The thread will be closed for now.