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  • grdemedeiros
    grdemedeiros reacted to Johnnyjenga's post in the thread Porto to Vila do Conde with Like Like.
    Yes, I walked this stage in April and it was very pleasant. It's a relatively long stage, so I walked to Matosinhos the day I arrived and took the metro back to my hotel in Porto. The next day, I took the metro back to Matosinhos, with my pack...
  • grdemedeiros
    grdemedeiros replied to the thread Porto to Vila do Conde.
    I asked a similar question a few weeks ago and got a lot of great info. See thread 'Breaking Up the Walk from Porto to Vila do Conde' https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/breaking-up-the-walk-from-porto-to-vila-do-conde.86800/
  • grdemedeiros
    Compare to rivers: A river start small, all alone, high up somewhere, and flows towards its destination. It is focussed on flowing downhill in the most efficient, and therefore most direct, path. Sooner or later, other rivers join it...
  • grdemedeiros
    It already is basically fenced off in some areas. That was my point earlier, that those of you have walked it more than once can surely think of a few places where such controls could be instituted. And whilst we talk about the issues this...
  • grdemedeiros
    @DenWhite @trecile @grdemedeiros @WalkingInGers @rainswift @TravellingMan22 Want to hear something funny? I got home from work yesterday and my Wise card was waiting for me 😂😂😂 I had gotten an email just yesterday saying it was delayed and...
  • grdemedeiros
    @laurenligreci Thanks for this thread! I've also been struggling with Wise; I got it because I thought it'd be as easy as the pre-paid debit cards I got for my kids when they were younger. (One click to load from my bank onto their card...) This...
  • grdemedeiros
    A nice alternative is taking the antique tram. It starts between São Bento railwaystation and ends a few yards from Fosse do Douro, the place where the river Douro ends up in the ocean. From there follow the ocean at your left to Matosinhos. As I...
  • grdemedeiros
    The walk from Porto to Matosinhos along the river and then the ocean is quite nice if you want to consider walking. You’re quickly out of any parts of Porto that you would have seen before.
  • grdemedeiros
    grdemedeiros replied to the thread O Lagar de Jesus.
    Great! Thanks everyone for your replies!
  • grdemedeiros
    Golden ticket?! That sounds exciting. Is it a free lunch or just a reservation? (I assume the Parador is crowded every day.)

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