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    ATM Choices in Spain

    As JabbaPapa mentioned this fees can vary depending on the type of card/account you have! I used a Chase debit card for cash withdrawals this year, free foreign cash withdrawals +1% cash back, but also had a Revolut and Monzo card! I remember trying a few ATMs, Santander, BBVA, Abanca, and...
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    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    In 2017, I stayed at Albergue de Peregrinos! I remember you could look on to the bus stop from one of the windows! Couldn’t get any closer! The Santiago bus can get quite busy, I think I pre booked my ticket!
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    Comment by 'green_spork' in media 'CEE268B3-78C5-480D-89A0-420B2AD468F2.jpeg'

    Short walk from main Santiago train/bus station!🙂
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    Camping on the Camino?

    I met 2 people using tents while walking the Primitivo in September! A French pilgrim who had walked from his small town in Burgundy. I walked a few stages with him, he was a Blacksmith who wasn’t sticking to a set walking plan. He would walk as far as liked and then just set up his tent! He...
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    Lugo’ city wall
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    Santiago de Compostela’ station
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    Jacobeo’ pins
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    Chocolate spread
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    Lugo’ city wall
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    Lugo’ Cathedral
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    Lugo’ city gate

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