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  1. green_spork

    Hostel in Bilbao?

    Hi, Eleanor, I was in Bilbao last May, stayed in the Gambara hostel! Its in the old town! Metro stop on doorstep! 5-mins from Guggenheim museum! Free breakfast, met a few pilgrims on the Camino Norte! Think it was about €15 for a dorm!
  2. green_spork

    Need to book hostals in advance?

    Hi irishdon, Am just ahead of you! I left Santiago this morning. I arrived in Negreira around 11:00am! Most of the albergues weren't even open, but I had the pick of a least 4! There's are 2 before you really enter the main town, I preferred something a bit closer to were the Camino restarted...
  3. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Yeah, thanks domigee! I understand Lires is quite a small place, do most bars/cafes have sellos? I usually head for the tourist info, as they are guaranteed to have one!
  4. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Just a update, on the new credential! I managed to get one from the little tourist hut, just as you enter Negreira! They actually offered me the older style, that I already had! I spotted the new credential in the back! It is very nice, however the spaces for stamps correspond with a specific...
  5. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    I see, I will have a look when I return to Santiago on Monday! The tourist office directed me back to the main building, were you collect the compestella! They never mentioned anything about the alternative version. Rua nova is actually just after the tourist office I visited?
  6. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Nice, decided just to use my current credential! I never saw this style offered anywhere? I stayed in the "Last Stamp" hostel. All they offered me was a simple A3 map guide! Same with the Pilgrims House, they gave me a booklet style guide, with a tear off parchment type credential, with maps and...
  7. green_spork

    Guarda civil on all the Camino routes in Spain

    I have just left Santiago this morning, now in Negreira, I did notice a increased police presence, especially around the cathedral! I was also stopped by the guardia civil, while walking through some woodlands on a stage before entering Santiago! They pull up beside me and asked my name?
  8. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Thanks for all the info, guys! I did pop into the same tourist office this morning. They sent me to the pilgrims credencial office! They gave me a fold out fistarra/muxia map guide + some accommodation/transport info! I take it this is the Fisterra credential, Tincatinker was referring to? If...
  9. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Thanks, Tincatinker, I should have mentioned the credential I used on the Camino Portuguese, is all but full, it only has the 1 blank page left at the back, next to the map sections! Don't think it has enough space for 2 stamps per stage!
  10. green_spork

    New credential for Muxia & Finisterra

    Evening all, Am currently in Santiago having just completed my first Camino Portuguese! Am hoping to continue onto Muxia on Thursday and reach Finisterra by Sunday! I understand I can use the same credential from the Portuguese Camino, however I do have a spare passport with me! Can anyone...
  11. green_spork

    Camino Portuguese: Shoe Help!

    Hi, Amy I am also walking the Camino Portuguese, I fly out to Porto this Saturday, and start walking the following Monday! I had a similar dilemma regarding my footwear choice! I was considering either, wearing trail shoes , North Face Hedgehogs 2, or Asics Galaxy gel, running shoes! I have...
  12. green_spork

    Maps necessary?

    Hi jogwalker, I am also walking from Porto to Santiago. I leave in 3 weeks! I will be starting from the Cathedral in Porto, then taking the coastal route to Vila do Conde! I will be using JB's book as well as the app! I have used the app throughout Europe and found it very useful! It can...
  13. green_spork

    Portugues or Norte?

    I begin the Camino Portugues in August, leaving from Porto like you did! Am interested in what aspects of that route didn't you enjoy? I visited both Bilbao and Santander last May, and saw lots of pilgrims passing through! I agree that part of Spain is stunning, however the majority of the...
  14. green_spork

    San Sebastian - Which Albergue?

    Second vote for "A Room In The City" ! Stay there last May, Good central location, 2 minutes from beach!
  15. green_spork

    Camino Portugues Itinerary?

    Hi, Sarah, Thank you for the advice and congratulations on completing your recent Camino! I do realise the 3okm stages I have planned will no doubt be quite demanding. I also appreciate your point regarding missing the little things, by been so focused on eating up the miles! As suggested by...

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