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Recent content by GuyA

  1. GuyA

    Sharing my visit to a podiatrist (orthotics)

    Sirage if you don’t mind sharing what type of insoles are you using? Would give me a good starting point. I have walked ~ 3,000 Camino kms however always on the lookout for improving equipment. Thanks Guy
  2. GuyA

    Which hat looks better?

    Too funny! I have 3 daughters…so I am a very lucky person however they would tell me that I don’t look good in anything. Having heard their verdict I would simply pick what I feel good in…to be honest that would be B because it looks so much like my one and only Camino hat.
  3. GuyA

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    Thank you for posting this. I have send to an email to the TAP CEO and would like nothing better to report a successful outcome. It’s time to hear some positives and move forward… Guy
  4. GuyA

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    Thanks MartaM…I tried that a few months ago and my credit card company said “sorry”…for a story that I did not have the right type of credit card protection. Hmmm maybe need to be a little more forceful in my approach! Guy
  5. GuyA

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    I am waiting much too patiently for a refund agreed to by TAP a few months back. Appreciate hearing how others have approached the same situation. Guy
  6. GuyA

    Your favorite camino hat!

    My beloved Tilley hat! Rain, wind, heat, snow, hail, it has held up through all my Caminos. A special Canadian friend!
  7. GuyA

    My Camino regret!

    Was thinking my biggest regret was over planning for my first Camino however... If I had not planned extensively would never have gone walking the Camino. It's that simple in hindsight as that's the way I am built, that's where my mindset was at the time and that's what I needed to do to get out...
  8. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Great discussion for me as I wore Merrill Moabs for 2,600 kms various Caminos. Then started Camino Portugues in Lisbon (2018) and had the worst and really only blisters on my various walks. Took a train to Porto…medical treatment…off my feet for 4 days and then hobbled painfully to Santiago. I...
  9. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Much appreciated DaveBugg…I appreciate your quick and helpful response…alternate gear suggestions included. I use trekking poles and have found these very helpful especially on a down slope or dicey spots as you mention. I will keep the foot plant technique in mind…honestly don’t know what I...
  10. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Many thanks DaveBugg...a very timely post for me. I bought a pair of Hoka One One Bondi V6 a year or so ago after reading one of your previous posts. My walking has consisted entirely of hard surface walking (Toronto) and without doubt this if the most comfortable shoe I have ever used. After...
  11. GuyA

    COVID Camino Portuguese right now, Lisbon vs. Porto start

    Read with interest as I had a very similar experience except I walked only 4 days from Lisbon. Unfortunately torrential rains, poor gear choices, overconfidence and terrible blisters did me in…took the train to Porto…sought medical attention and hobbled my way to Santiago from there. I will...
  12. GuyA

    Camino Blog Question

    Thanks…recently published 3 books from my blog through PixxiBooks. Would have been great to have had this option! Giy
  13. GuyA

    Camino Blog Question

    Thanks I will look into this for sure…your blog looks great! A concern is does Find Penguins have any kind of import functionality for an existing blog…pictures, past posts, comments received?
  14. GuyA

    Camino Blog Question

    Hmm...Mail Chimp requires a street address...a moral dilemma on creating a fictitious one 😇
  15. GuyA

    Camino Blog Question

    Thanks...I am definitely going to try this...If I can skip the street address I am off to the races. I certainly thought of simply making stuff up however my Canadian upbringing is really causing me palpitations :)