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  1. habanerocat

    Newbie with some basic questions

    I think most of your questions have been answered. Here's a few comments. Generally most people get up and out in the mornings. Most don't bother with any sort of breakfast in the Albergue. People just want to get going. I never saw anybody shower in the morning. Never. Shower when you come in...
  2. habanerocat

    Brierley Guide ????

    That explains it then. He changed it. Good idea.
  3. habanerocat

    Brierley Guide ????

    The only criticism of the Brierley guide is that he finishes the second stage (Roscesvalles to Larrasoana) in Larrasoana. The single hostel in Larrasoana was packed. The owner was critical of the guide. Lots of people had to sleep on the floor of the church. A better option would have been...
  4. habanerocat

    Hiking Quotes - just for fun.

    An Old Irish blessing: May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
  5. habanerocat

    Orisson Albergue

    And the coffee bowls with no handles.
  6. habanerocat

    Plan B - in case of illness?

    I think you need to walk with a carer just in case.
  7. habanerocat

    Leaving stones at the Cruz de Ferro?

    Just leave a small stone there if you like. I'd love to know where some of the big rocks came from. No need for that......
  8. habanerocat

    Bus out of Leon to avoid city walking

    That's the best advice you can get. Just start walking......
  9. habanerocat

    How long and steep are the downhills going from St Jean to Roncesvalles?

    I haven't read all this thread but I noticed some people walk down steep paths in a zig-zag pattern. So in effect reducing the slope. I tried it myself for a while but it didn't suit me. You do of course end up walking further....
  10. habanerocat

    The Most Important Question Ever Asked

    Being Irish I would have a keen eye for any sign of Guinness on the Camino Frances. I spotted two signs on my journey. On venturing inside it turned out they didn't sell Guinness at all. I never did find any anywhere after. While in Pamplona I searched for an Irish bar as I wanted to watch a...
  11. habanerocat

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Useful - Multi-tool swiss army type thing Useless - Needle and thread. Problem with the mulit-tool was I had to check in my rucksack because of it. Not sure if it was worth the additional cost.
  12. habanerocat

    Seeking albergues with communal meals

    Iglesia de Santiago El Real Logrono is a must for a communal meal and a mass next door if your interested.
  13. habanerocat


    Coming from a farming background, I'd say the general rule is if you stay calm, they will stay calm. Get excited and they'll get excited also. So running is a bad idea. Having a dog with you would also be a very bad idea. But then that's unlikely I suppose.
  14. habanerocat


    Granon is a special place. But have they got a stamp yet?

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