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Harland2019's latest activity

  • Harland2019
    Shop window in Sarria
    • 30 You'll never walk alone.jpg
  • Harland2019
    But it is true, I know from walking with my wife around clothes shops!
  • Harland2019
    Slightly highjacking the thread but I did fall down on another walk, the Pennine Way in the UK. I had taken a diversion off the main route due to flooding. I slipped, fell over, and was pinned face down by my rucksack, my right hand was in the...
  • Harland2019
    I do apologise for my obvious indirect choice of words here earlier. I think there is still a place in this world where someone writes a missive of a delicate subject such as the one I wrote, that the writer should be very mindful of using words...
  • Harland2019
    David thank you for starting a thread that generated so many interesting responses to read in these lock down times. You are a very likeable person. Your question got me thinking too. While I echo many of the sentiments already expressed by...
  • Harland2019
    Perhaps it is that many, me included and non-religious, don't ask fellow walkers if they are religious. I haven't a clue whether the young lady from Luxembourg was religious or not. But you are correct I departed from the original question.
  • Harland2019
    There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough. I briefly met a young lady from Luxembourg last year on the way up to Hospital da Cruz, We chatted, I slowed and walked with her as she was struggling a bit on the...
  • Harland2019
    Harland2019 replied to the thread Confessions of a Fat Pilgrim.
    I don't know if other pilgrims have the same issue with their rucksack belt as I have. When I start it normally fits perfectly but it seems to stretch as the days go on and I have to take it in. However the next time I go on a long walk a few...
  • Harland2019
    Harland2019 commented on Faye Walker's profile post.
    That is what I am intending/planning to do, but the CF again - loved it last year and I can't wait to go back and put some funds back into the local communities.
  • Harland2019
    Harland2019 reacted to truthseeker's comment on Faye Walker's profile post with Like Like.
    I would love to return in 2022. This difficult time will end, and we will be able to make the pilgrimage again. I am thinking this time of the Portuguese route.