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    Best way to get to Sarria from London Ontario

    Hi Rosemary. Can't help with your query but wanted to say hello as a fellow Londoner! I completed about 175k of the Portuguese route in November and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will likely do the Sarria route this year some time. Buen Camino. Jeff Hermann
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    Questions about coastal route from Vigo

    Thank you so much. Your posts bare always so informative. One other question if I may. 3 days from leaving to start my Camino and I am wondering if I made the right choice with my route above Chose it because I prefer less people and b I prefer forest and water surrounding. But I’m wondering...
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    From Lisbon along coast

    Thank you. Could I ask when you say not sure about the Espiritual do you mean the difficulty of the walking.?
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    Questions about coastal route from Vigo

    Hi. I was wondering what you think of this itinerary, starting next week. I have decided that a realistic daily pace for me is 15-20 km max. Tui-O'Porrino;O'Porrino-Redonela;redonela-Pontevedra;then join spiritual to Combarro; Combarro to Barrantes;Barrantes to Ponte Arnerlas; Ponte Arnelos -...
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    Questions about coastal route from Vigo

    Hi. Is the Coastal route from Vigo onward pretty well marked ? Thanks.
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    Port coastal in short dectiond

    Thank you. That might work.
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    Port coastal in short dectiond

    Thank you! Will help immensely in my planning.
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    Port coastal in short dectiond

    This may seem like a dumb question, but here it goes anyway. I want to walk as much of the coastal route as I can because I love the water. However I can’t do the entire walk due to time constraints. I think I will plan on 150km. Problem is if I do that I miss most of the coast. Question is can...
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    First Camino

    I always look forward to reading your posts. Very inspiring and insightful. I too am about to embark on my first Camino on November 9th.
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    Arrival airport Port. coastal from Guarda

    Hello. Can anyone recommend which major airport to fly into if I will be starting the Port. Coastal in Guarda?
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    Portugues Coastal November Oia to SDC

    Thank you - Yes, I'm finding out just how much planning !
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    Portugues Coastal November Oia to SDC

    Thank you. I will check it out.
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    Splitting up Portomarín to Palas de Rei

    Thanks for the question. I was wondering the same thing! May see you somewhere in November😁
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    Portugues Coastal November Oia to SDC

    Hello. Well I am narrowing down my choices for a Camino in November. I would really like to do the Portugues coastal route from Oia or A Guarda to SDC because I am at my most contemplative moods when near water. Problem is I'm not sure I can realistically do any more than 15 KM or so a day. I...

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