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  1. Herndon

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    I hiked the Camino Frances in 2016 with boots the whole way...had nasty blisters from about day 3 to day 17...After Leon my feet toughened up, however I made the switch to Hoka Ones when I did Porto to Santiago in 2017, and Lisbon to Porto last year....also used them for hiking portions of the...
  2. Herndon

    Are Walking/Trekking Poles neccesary? Sleeping bag or Sleeping Bag liner

    Yes, everytime...so even when I do training hikes on flat paths, wearing my pack, I use my poles...definitely keeps my hands from swelling...as far as keeping balance, on my first Camino in 2016, the poles were particularly helpful the first several days during some sharp downhill segments...
  3. Herndon

    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    Insomniac...as I was getting ready to change careers after over thirty years I planned on taking several months to reset and figure out what I wanted to do next...I would frequently awake in the middle of the night and eventually give up on sleeping and turn on the TV...flipping channels...
  4. Herndon

    Possible explanation of why some of us do multiple Caminos or the same Camino multiple times

    On my first Camino on the second night I met a couple who had hiked the Camino multiple times. At that point I couldn't understand how anyone could do it more than one time...It was ok, but nine or ten times? No way...now planning my fourth Camino for the Fall, obviously my opinion has...
  5. Herndon

    Anybody stayed at Pension Eirexe, Eirexe?

    I stayed there in May of 2016....the municipal alburgue next door was already full, and I had put in a long day...can't comment on the double, but had an individual bed with my own bathroom (25 Euros?)...clean....seem to remember a bar/restaurant across the street with a good meal....
  6. Herndon

    Roncesvalles... is just not for me

    Everything has to do with expectations...I did my first Camino in April 2016 and my expectations were formed by watching the "The Way" and reading the Brierly guide book...I told myself that if I didn't enjoy it I could always leave...hiking out of SJPD to Roncesvalles was challenging but...
  7. Herndon

    Día a día on the Primitivo

    Well, I have been thinking about my next Camino and the Primitivo in particular....this helps me with the decision...looks like a perfect two week vacation from work!
  8. Herndon

    Why walk the same Camino again?

    So I truly can't answer your question because I haven't done the same Camino yet....but I had much the same thought when I did my first Camino in 2016(starting as a solo hiker)....the second night on the Way there was an older Canadian couple who were on the 7th or 8th time...then I didn't get...
  9. Herndon

    New annual record number of Compostelas issued

    Last year when I completed the Francis I was willing to wait the two hours in line for my Compostella...this year I got lucky after completing the Portuguese and Inglis and slipped in as they were locking the gate at the end of the day and only had a 15 minute wait...I wouldn't have waited for...
  10. Herndon

    "The Way": shooting locations map

    As I walked last year, I wondered about some of those scenes...thanks for doing this...very cool...
  11. Herndon

    What do people do about carrying their valuables after walking for the day?

    I carried zip lock bags that fit in my pockets...always took them in the shower, and put them in the bottom of my sleeping liner when I slept...money, credit card, Identification, credential and passport...I sometimes got lax with my phone charging....but it made me a little nervous...already...
  12. Herndon

    What I learnt along the way + Short Film

    Stunning...you captured how I felt, how I feel....well done....
  13. Herndon

    Albergue Lua in Negreira

    The albergue was Alecrin in Negreiro....a bar/restaurant about two blocks down from there was where I ate...the same woman who assigned me my bunk was at the bar...her daughter was the one who served the food...one of the best meals I had on the Camino, with as much food as I wanted...very...
  14. Herndon

    Albergue Lua in Negreira

    I know what you mean about Alecrin...I stopped by there in May 2016 after a more than a 40 kilometer day plus a stop in Santiago to get my Compostella...It was a long day and I didn't reach the Alburgue till after 8pm. The lady at the desk didn't speak much English but put me in the back...

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