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  1. Hilarious

    Wonderful Vlog Series

    Many thanks Tom for this reference. I have watched the first two episodes - wonderful. I have just returned from a month in the UK with my husband. I did walk in the New Forest and a tiny bit of the West Highland Way. Didn't take my phone and am hanging out on the forum for the first time...
  2. Hilarious

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Andy Wild and to everyone on the forum who is soooooo helpful sharing their advice. I am DownUnder in Mackay, North Queensland so have already done skyping on present opening with family in Northern New South Wales and South Brisbane. Wishing you all a healthy, happy and...
  3. Hilarious

    Late-season Camino Frances 2018 - pics and thoughts

    Fantastic photos Tom! Love your work!
  4. Hilarious

    What do you do when you're not walking?

    Simply gorgeous!
  5. Hilarious

    What do you do when you're not walking?

    Love your work Anniesantiago! I agree with Camino Chris Kinky. You have a positive influence you have on the people you connect with on and off forum. As for me I volunteer for an aeromedical rescue organisation, cross stitch, read avidly on this forum and anything Camino related, learn...
  6. Hilarious

    A Hard Fall/Amazing Kindness Follow Up Part Two

    FChristopher1 thank you so much for the update! I read your first post after your fall and have been thinking of you and wondering how you are faring. Keep up the good work with your walking and following your doctor's advice. Your continuing Camino will come around before you know it and of...
  7. Hilarious

    Return of the Cyborg Turtle with post camino summary

    Dearest Iriebabel. I have just read your novella and I loved it! You really took me there. I, too was cheering for you walking into Zubiri. Felt your anxiety when you lost your phone. Your experiences and insights were heart warming and I felt as though you were reaching into my soul...
  8. Hilarious

    Boot size

    Welcome Catie O. Very sensible. As others have said buy your boots half to one size larger. Also wear the socks or as close to it as you can when you buy your boots. As others have said if the boots are a bit big you can always wear two pairs of socks. Also good idea to buy your boots at the...
  9. Hilarious

    My solo path to Thanksgiving (1st Camino-Sept/Nov)

    Thank you for your post SoLive. My first Camino is about eleven months away and since I've found this forum I'm a daily visitor. I have had so much good advice and really enjoy reading the posts. I feel your excitement and am excited for you. Happiness and enjoyment - Buen Camino!
  10. Hilarious

    Florence and me in Sarria

    Buen Camino Peter and Florence (never missed an episode of The Magic Roundabout). Just wondering whether Zebedee is going to pop up - Boiiiinnnnng - Time for bed".
  11. Hilarious

    Live....but for how long?

    Hi Kiwi Family Last minute hassles like this are definitely not fun. However, when something like this happens and you get through it somehow the delights and appreciation of your trip are even greater. I sincerely hope this is your experience. Buen Camino!
  12. Hilarious

    Going separate ways on camino?

    Congratulations -SherlyC! You remind me very much of myself. I regularly find it a real challenge in setting boundaries and have sometimes found myself feeling a bit annoyed and resentful as I ended up over-compromising or altering my plans to fit in with another. In my experience, a little...
  13. Hilarious

    Going separate ways on camino?

    Hi SherlyC So glad you have made a decision that feels right for you. I know everyone here sends you heartfelt Buen Camino! If you get a moment let us know how your Camino unfolds!
  14. Hilarious

    14 Days to Go.... Checklist Checkoffs For the Day

    Thank you bucketbabe for asking this question and Dave for sharing your training plan as well as all the other comprehensive information you provide on all things Camino. I wish you both and everyone starting in the next couple of months the bestest "Buen Camino". I look forward to sharing...
  15. Hilarious

    Backpack advice

    Thank you for letting us know that you have found a great pack that has met all your needs both physically and budget-wise. I'm excited for you! Buen Camino!

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