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  1. Houlet

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I loved it, it is very different from the Camino Frances and is not for the person who wants to have a choice of cafes every five km and to walk only fifteen km stages. There are some long stages, there are less people, and less infrastrucure but in many ways it gets you closer to real Spain.
  2. Houlet

    Camino Snobs

    I am proud to say that I have walked every step of my caminos with my muchila on my back, no rest days, and stayed in albergues except for the odd occasion where accommodation was not available. That is MY camino, BUT it doesn't give me the right to criticise or mock others. Although I am...
  3. Houlet

    St Jean Pied de Port - to - Roncesvalles by Napoleon Route

    It brought back great memories and I didn´t break sweat or get out of puff. What I had forgotten though is the traffic danger on the first few miles, made more obvious by the speed of the replay.
  4. Houlet

    Armchair tasting tour of Spanish wine

    I really miss my Spanish wines but being a Scot I miss even more the Spanish prices! 🇬🇪
  5. Houlet

    Drinking water availability on the VdLP

    I carried three litres on the Southern section and topped up wherever I could. There were still sections where I had to ration myself, and the water was usually lukewarm by that point.
  6. Houlet

    Do we need a Compostela?

    For me the first Compostela was VERY important to me, since then it is a nice to have rather than a need to have. If next time I get there and face a huge queue I won´t bother.
  7. Houlet

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    IMHO The camino starts wherever and whenever you leave home to start a camino. So I suppose in my case on my front doorstep.
  8. Houlet

    Taking a number in Santiago.

    Sounds like an excellent innovation. I hate queues so it suits me perfectly.
  9. Houlet

    Camino de Pennine Way! And we're off .....

    Brings back memories, horizontal rain, mist, ............ but also a great time and lovely people.
  10. Houlet

    Camino de Pennine Way! And we're off .....

    As I recollect buying a sandwich is difficult never mind a rucksack!
  11. Houlet

    Camino de Pennine Way! And we're off .....

    There are now many miles of limestone slabs laid on some of the boggy bits, easier on the muscles but harder on the feet. :)
  12. Houlet

    Camino de Pennine Way! And we're off .....

    I walked it about five years ago, and like you my pack was much heavier,, That and the amount of walking on hard surface left me with sore feet for a couple of months after. But on the bright side I did get my free half pint of beer in Kirk Yetholm. Good luck, and enjoy. :)
  13. Houlet

    Cheap but fine equipment

    For rucksacks ebay is perfect, so many people buy one and use it once. I got a pristine used Berghaus Freeflo 30 +8 much cheaper than the fashionable brands It is now less than perfect as I have used for the Camino Frances, the Via de la Plata, the Camino Norde, and several other trips. It is...
  14. Houlet

    Bus from Bilbao to Lograno

    I took the ALSA bus from Santander to Logroño last year, it passed through Bilbao bus station. From memory they are about every two hours. Cost about 20 Euro...
  15. Houlet

    learn practical spanish online site

    Duolingo 354 day streak now, Memrise is also good.

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