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Recent content by Hugh Larkin

  1. Hugh Larkin

    Botafumeiro best chance?

    In 2014 when we completed the Frances, we experienced the butafumiero twice, first on the day we arrived in time for the Pilgrims’ Mass, then again 3 days later at another Pilgrims’ Mass, neither being a Sunday. I don’t recall seeing any benefactors, but recall someone saying that a very large...
  2. Hugh Larkin

    How do you feel when you finish a camino?

    Tincatinker has it right. Your camino never ends. Having walked twice, I have found that the 'destination', ie Santiago, is but a waypoint where I celebrate my arrival, ponder about what I have just experienced an learned, and the contemplate the next stage of the journey.
  3. Hugh Larkin

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 6.0

    Looking up at the old lit fortress in Puebla de Sanabria at night was a delight. May 2018.
  4. Hugh Larkin

    Train from Ourense to Puebla de Sanabria appears full for 9 days ahead on RENFE

    Looking up at the old lit fortress in Puebla de Sanabria at night was a delight.
  5. Hugh Larkin

    UK to Portugal Ferry Route?

    In 2013, we did an overnight ship crossing from Lisbon to Le Havre across the outer reaches of the Bay of Biscay/"edge" of the Atlantic. That was the worst night I have ever experienced. We were aboard a small 500-person + 350-crew, 600-700-foot ship that got tossed like a feather in a storm...
  6. Hugh Larkin

    Forum Book Club - 1.1 - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago (Gitlitz and Davidson)

    I borrowed this book from our local library prior to our walking the CF in 2014. After having read cover-to-cover, I thought it was such a great reference tool for so many aspects - history, religion, art, culture, etc. - that I bought an ecopy from Apple books for my iPad (my electronic...
  7. Hugh Larkin

    Missing Spain & CF dearly, however happily walking Dutch Pilgrimpath

    The Pieterpad is also a beautiful walk. We did this walk from Pieterburen to Maastricht in 2018. It also intertwines with sections on a Camino route that wanders along the Dutch/German border. There are so many other trekking routes in the EU as well. And I really like how the routes connect...
  8. Hugh Larkin

    Pleasures of urban walking

    After our 2014 CF, we have been walking more and driving and biking less. As Turga noted, we too, are seeing small changes here and there on our daily walk-abouts of our small city of Eugene, OR; we probably wouldn't have noticed them unless we walked. And its nice to be able to smile, nod...
  9. Hugh Larkin

    Camino Frances a Second Time

    Every repeat will be as exciting as the first. While I have done the CF only once, I have hiked the Grand Canyon down to the river and back out at least 8 times following the same route. Every hike revealed something new and memorable.
  10. Hugh Larkin

    Shopping (some regret)

    Dutch friends (they met us in Ourense as we were on the Sanabrés in 2018) who introduced the idea of a Camino gave us a book published in 2001 by the Xunta de Galicia, Consular of Culture. All in spanish. They gave it to us after we finished the Francés in 2014. Even though the images are from...
  11. Hugh Larkin

    Picture Within a Picture

    It was on the route. We were near a café in Piñeiro just southeast Santiago.
  12. Hugh Larkin

    Picture Within a Picture

    On the Camino Sanabrés just south of Santiago de Compostella.
  13. Hugh Larkin

    Picture Within a Picture

    Pieterpad, the Netherlands, 2018
  14. Hugh Larkin

    Why Pilgrimage?

    For myself, it comes down to 4 basics: Observe Experience Learn Share How each is utilized is as variable as us all, the same as our individual never-ending journeys whether virtual or actual.
  15. Hugh Larkin

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    Thank you. And I like the way you phrased your observation. The last few weeks, I have been enjoying tulips brought over by the same Dutch friends years ago bloom and bring forth such memories. Hugh