• PLEASE NOTE: Please think twice before you travel to Spain now. More here.

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Recent content by Ianinam

  1. Ianinam

    I would not advise traveling to Spain and walk right now

    The albergue in Roncesvalles has announced: Dear pilgrims, Given the new perimeter confinement measures to the entire province of Navarra, we see ourselves in the position of CLOSING the accommodation in Roncesvalles from tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21, until the Government of Navarra decides...
  2. Ianinam

    Donation Box

    You won't find any of these boxes at the moment, as due to the Covid regulations albergues are not allowed to have these boxes. And yes indeed, in Roncesvalles in normal times people leave behind lots of things they do not want to take with them like big bottles shampoo, heavy clothes, tents...
  3. Ianinam

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    @KinkyOne, the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands give an advice to travellers with a Dutch passport. In case we travel to a 'code orange' area we cannot expect any governmental help in case we have to be repatriated because we deliberately travelled to a dangerous area. Also our...
  4. Ianinam

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    I really don't know @arthur1218. We have informed them this afternoon, and as daily many Spanish pilgrims sleep there, I suppose they will have to find Spanish people to do our work. This is a situation we hoped it would never come, new for us, hospitaleros, and new for them. Last March we also...
  5. Ianinam

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    @arthur1218, when I wrote my earlier post I already expected that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs would adjust their advice, but I did not know it would be today ..... Being a member of the Working Group of the Dutch hospitaleros I can tell you we check many Spanish sites daily, we are well...
  6. Ianinam

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    The Dutch Gouvernment of Foreign Affairs will issue code orange for Navarra as of 0.00 tonight. Code orange means: unnecessary travel to that area is prohibited for people from the Netherlands. This means that the (Dutch) hospitaleros who are working in the albergue of Roncesvalles will have to...
  7. Ianinam

    COVID Planning to walk the Camino Frances - advice for a novice during Covid

    My advise at this moment would also be: don't go. In the albergue of Roncesvalles the majority of the pilgrims we see are from Spain, and they often come from Madrid and Barcelona. If you look at this map of RTVE.es...
  8. Ianinam

    78 pilgrims in Roncesvalles

    In many albergues - and also in Roncesvalles - the kitchen for pilgrims had to be closed due to Covid-19 measurements. But the restaurants are open, so getting a meal is no probllem.
  9. Ianinam

    78 pilgrims in Roncesvalles

    No, I will be there next September. I am the secretary of the workinggroup of the Dutch volunteers; two of our members, of which our chairman, is there at the moment and of course they keep me informed from day to day!
  10. Ianinam

    78 pilgrims in Roncesvalles

    Only during the weekend (last Friday and Saturday) there were 70+ pilgrims in Roncesvalles. The last few days there were much less pilgrims: 40, 58, 39. Maybe many people wanted to start as soon as it was possible, but at the moment the numbers are decreasing. Anyone who starts: wearing a...
  11. Ianinam

    Any ideas where to park in Pamplona for a penny?

    There is a daily bus from Roncesvvalles at 9.20 am, arriving in Pamplona at 10.30 am. Return daily bus from starts in Pamplona at 4.00 pm and arrival time in Roncesvalles is 5.10 pm. Timetabel will change after 31st August and no bus on Sunday. You can check the timetable here...
  12. Ianinam

    Any ideas where to park in Pamplona for a penny?

    Casa Paderborn in Pamplona will stay closed in 2020, so nobody will be looking after that car and that parking area is quite remote. If you don't mind to walk two days more (or take the bus), you could park your car for free at the parkingplace behind the albergue in Roncesvalles. There are...
  13. Ianinam

    Some booking questions.

    This means you will arrive in Roncesvalles during the Easterweekend. This is a very busy weekend, as many Spanish people walk a few days during that weekend. If you are a fast walker - and coming from Valcarlos - you will probably have no problems as you will arrive quite early in the afternoon...
  14. Ianinam

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    Last Saturday we had our start-of-the-season meeting with all the hospitaleros. Next Friday our first group of hospitaleros will be there again and open the albergue Aterpea (during winter only the small Dependecia is open). We are - as good as possible - prepared for this season, including the...