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  1. Ivan_Prada

    Compostelas for Dummies

    I do also agree. There should be something posted into the resources section of the Forum with the explanations for each of the different scenarios. At the present moment, we have t2andreo (Tom) doing his volunteer service at PO. Pretty sure he would create a post on the on hand experience...
  2. Ivan_Prada

    Considering this modified route. Compostela qualifier?

    Hello, All: According to “Credencial del Peregrino” and the maps and explanatory notes, the Spiritual Variant is acceptable. On the attached photos, of the prior and the Sacred Year Credentials; the notes to the Portuguese Camino says: “Para obtener “Compostela “ la Variante Espiritual” debe...
  3. Ivan_Prada

    Start from Porrino to Santiago?

    I understand, that you may start at O Porriño and then do the Spiritual Variant, you have the required 100 kms to apply for the Compostela. Hope this helps. Iván
  4. Ivan_Prada

    Bed bug sheet, any use?

    Buy the pig and the end of the camino; roast it….
  5. Ivan_Prada

    People w/ Parkinson's on the CF

    Hi Phoenix: Don’t feel discouraged; I did more or less your intended route back in September of 2018 and I’m a Parkinson’s patient. Currently planning my second Camino (CP). This can be done by people with the Parkinson’s ailment, movement is the key to place a hold on the progress of the...
  6. Ivan_Prada

    Voluntario Program restarting in June 2021

    Welcome back, Tom. You were missed; shall include you in our prayer for full recovery. Ivan
  7. Ivan_Prada

    Camino Portuguese is very nice, but...

    Thanks, alexwalker for the information. They don’t look as shiny, maybe different type of rock. Guess we’ll see if it the same experience walking on them as the ones we know. Iván
  8. Ivan_Prada

    Camino Portuguese is very nice, but...

    On several posts and writings about the Camino Portugués, have read about the famous cobblestones. Our (wife and myself) next planned Camino would be the Portugués. We are original from the Caribbean, and cobblestones were used to pave the streets in many of the original settlements. These...
  9. Ivan_Prada

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Well, to add more confusion to this melting pot. My roots are from Galicia (Eastern Ourense Province), I was born in the Caribbean (Cuba), then raised in Puerto Rico, later in life moved to South Florida where currently live. So, this makes me what? A Hispano-Cubanrrican-American....... 😎😃😄😷...
  10. Ivan_Prada

    Mystery Martyr Monk

    Hello: Look the information on: The name is listed as Ramirus of Leon. Murdered circa year 600. Hope this helps. Iván
  11. Ivan_Prada

    What Unexpected item did you find in your pack when you got home?

    Be certain as into what direction you open the beer, it may become a shower.... Iván
  12. Ivan_Prada

    Video: What's in my Pack? Let the debate begin ...

    Hello All: Here is my two cents worth on safety lights. I managed to find a rechargeable light intended for bicycle used. It has an elastic strap to grip around the bike handle as well a clip to hang on an approximate place. I simply wrap it to my right hand pole (reason is that in U.S.A. we...
  13. Ivan_Prada

    Food and Drink of the Way!

    Home made Membrillo con queso in Arzua. Very tasty desert, after a delicious dinner.
  14. Ivan_Prada

    Go Your Own Way - Free Download

    Thank you, John: Downloaded and reading it. So far it’s being a very welcome reading. Your travel log is very interesting and the anecdotes too. Iván
  15. Ivan_Prada

    How do you train for the Camino?

    Hi Trvldad1: You can find cheap ones at Walmart sport section. Think $20 for a pair. Not bad for a start up.