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  • Hello everyone. Will be starting my Camino from SJPP in two weeks and wondering if there is any information regarding the condition of the route over the mountains into Roncesvalles.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ivar, I don't know how to post a quick question about a conversation - I wanted to print out a thread so that I could take it with me and look at maps, etc. Is there a wya to do that? Ooops, adding a thank you!
    Hi Ivar, I'm trying to post a Camino webinar to the Resources section, but I don't see any "Start a new thread" or similar button. Please help. :)
    Fantastisk Ivar men vet ikke hvordan lage en pdf. Den er skrevet på MS Word. Kunne jeg sende den til deg? Bare email meg på
    Hi Ivar, nå har jeg nettopp kommet hjem fra Granada. Jeg gikk fra Almeria til Granada med start den 21/9 og ankomst den 29/9 Nå har jeg skrevet opp alt sammen fordi der et ganske store differanser mellom det som står i beskrivelsene og kartene og selve merkingen på Camino'en. Js. Best. Kevin O'Brien (
    hi ivar starting camino on 02october from ambasmestas to Santiago ,will arrive in Santiago on 01october ,will need a few supplies in Santiago sleeping , bag wetgear , etc for trip is there any outdoor shops in the city saw this place Tienda Ropa Deportiva Sport Zone Santiago but it seems a bit outside city maybe accessible by bus ,,thanks james
    Hello, Ivar. Fiance and I have come upon a bit of a dilemma and were hoping you could offer some advice. We are planning to walk the Camino starting on August 21st and will arrive at SDC on September 17th. Plan was to get married in Santiago after finishing but have found out Corticela will be closed when we arrive. Would you happen to have info on where we could possibly get married in Santiago/Finisterre? Thank you
    Hello Ivar, just checking in. I noticed my designation of donating member has disappeared. I wonder why, since I send a donation when I ordered the patch and the credential. Maybe just an oversight, you are very busy. Leaving July 1 back to the Camino. See you in Santiago at some point!
    Hello Ivar

    I absolutely love the forum. I am very excited, looking forward to my Camino and express this within the forum. Are you going to add more smiley face icons. I would love to see a laughing face up there somewhere. Also i wouldn't have to use LOL (i hate that) to express that im laughing as opposed to agreeing with a comment.

    Go raibh maith agat Ivor
    Hello there Ivar. I was trying to ask a question on the "Frequently asked questions" section and it says that i have insufficient privileges. What do i do to get the privileges needed to solve this? Thank you.
    Good Afternoon Ivar, I have donated 10 Euros, but my receipt says that I have been billed 100 Euros. Would you please check this for me. Thank you, Dave Correa
    Hey, Ivar.
    Is it possible to obtain a forum badge in Santiago Today or Tomorrow before the 5 pm? I want to grab 2 before I'll leave Santiago. Best regards, Peter
    Hi Ivar, I have forgotten my password and am wondering if there is a a way to retrieve it from the system? I am lucky that I left my account open in my iPad, otherwise I wouldn't know how to contact you.
    Hi can you remove me from the membership? I can't seem to find away to do it my self.
    Hi Ivar, I can't find a way of removing my surname. In settings. Can I just be known as Kate please?
    Hello Ivar, further to my message to the 'contact us' button (!!) please can you change my username to Flynbo so as to avoid google scraping up all my Camino plans! Thank you so much .
    Ivar I'm still not sure how to get this to you but I do have the paper signed to pick up my package at the post office. Kathy anderson
    I am new. have posted several photos. My question is : why open an album?
    Hola Ivar - I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or not doing right but I can not find the icon to click to start a new thread/message. Help! please. Thanks Mike
    Have been configuring the "Expiring Forum Donation" e-mails today. Sorry if you did receive a few of them. I think I got it right now.
    Hello Ivar, I just paid with Stripe 60 Euros, and together with the recently paid 20 Euros make 80 Euros, which are intended to make 40 Euros for Annakappa and 40 Euros for myself (Fraluchi)
    Have e peaceful Christmas and a healthy, enjoyable 2015.
    Hi Ivar,
    I just got a notice to say my address has been blacklisted. Can you explain this? I was wanting to contact the Exeter group as I'll be there in April. Many thanks. Angela
    Can I promote my Camino tale on the 'Camino Resources' section?

    The Lady, the Cat and the Wolf Boy
    The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela wasn't supposed to be like this.
    The boy came trying not to give a crap about anything anymore, and the girl came determined not to take any crap from anybody anymore.
    Wolf boy came to meet his maker.
    The cat and the Lady came to make a mess.
    Hi Ivar. I posted a box from St Jean to you today. I am Syl's Amawalkers partner am leading an Amawalkers group. I will get to Santiago on 4 oct. Can you look out for it please.

    I am amazed at hos many pilgrims are in ST Jean so late in sept. The place is bursting at the seams. And the majority of the seem to be over 60. It would seem more and more elderly people are doing The Way.

    Regards Jenny
    Ivar how come that at once I am a "new" member ? since some month I asm an active member but today I see it has been changed !?

    med venlige helsninger
    Hello Ivar, since my life circumstances changed a lot in the past year, it would would be great if you could change my username and location to: Wiebke / Leinfelden, Germany.
    Thanks a lot and have a great day!!
    Hello Ivar, New member here and attempting to edit my username - could you change it for me to Clodagh. Thank you.
    Hi, Ivar. Sorry to be a bother, but I'm hoping you'll be able to change my user name; don't know why it bothers me to see my full name in big block print!?
    I would prefer annies1127. Thank you!
    Wanting to mountain bike from Burgos to Santiago on August 29 to September 7
    Then taxi back to sarria and walk back into santiago. Any recommendations for this trip ?
    Hi Ivar i picked up a spanish lotto ticket and dont know how to check it as i am now back home after falling and sustaining concussion among other things

    my son Kyle is the other kilt wearing perigrino and having the adventure of a lifetime FB I woild walk 470 miles for charity

    can you assist in what i can do to check?


    buenos noches

    A suggestion re: packing lists and equipment recommendations.
    It would be incredibly helpful and useful if you could ask all contributors to preface (i.e. in the first line) their recommendations/experiences with the time of year of their camino and which camino they used the clothes/equipment on.
    Thank you,
    I am looking at taking the bus from Madrid to Vilalbo to start my camino. Does anyone have any advice on what bus service(s) I need to take?
    Hi Ivar: This is my first time back to the forum in many months. I am planning a return to Spain next year and posted a thread on the Camino del Norte. Next to the thread, it states "watched." What does that mean? It appears this site has more functionality now than when I was on it two years ago Thanks.
    Hi Ivar, I have joined recently and I am really enjoying the forum. One it possible for me to change my name over my avatar? nobody seems to use their full name and I'm not sure how I ended up using mine? any help would be much appreciated, thanks
    Hola Ivar, thanks for sending me the forum badge.

    I've got another question, I will arrive in Santiago by bicycle but haven't found a way to get it back home yet. In case I cannot make an agreement in time before my departure, is it possible for me to store my bike at your place and have a freight company pick it up later? Thanks in advance!
    Hello Ivar , my name is johnnyboy , I was looking into getting a taxi share from Santiago de compostela airport to les herrerias de valcare . How is the local transport in theses areas buses & Taxis
    Hello again, Ivar. I just explored the forum long enough to answer my previous question re six months. Thanks, RS
    Hello Ivar, I made a donation to the forum last September and for a while, I noticed "donating member" below my name. Is there a six month expiration on this? No problem if there is; proud to support.
    Hi Ivar, I'm getting the hang of the forum but I can't figure out how to add my start date to the calendar. I'm leaving Aug 24 from either Roncesvalles or SJPdP. Could you help me?
    Hi Ivar
    I will leave Sydney in a few days to walk Camino Le Puy followed, hopefully, by Camino Primitivo. I will write a blog as I have done on my two previous Caminos and would be happy to add a link to the forum for this one, and my two previous blogs from Camino France in 2011 and Camino Frances in 2013.
    Can you point me in the right direction for adding links to the blogs. Many thanks
    Hello Ivar , I have been trying to add my name to the calender, I click in the date that I am starting the camino , april 23,2014 at around 8-9am, and nothing happens. How do you add your name?

    thanks for the help
    Any chance of adding a "tongue in cheek" emotion to the list we can select from Ivar? Maybe then such posts would be instantly recognised as such and it might help avoid some misunderstandings (I just saw a conversation where someone's stab at humour was misunderstood by a Newbie).
    Ivar, thank you for this forum. I am a new donating member and to date have found your forum very helpful. When my wife and I are done walking the Camino, we start in SJPP in Sept, I want to help out. We will talk later.
    Hi Ivar, I bought the tourist book on Camino de Santiago in 2010 in Barcelona and now interested in walking the entire camino in 2016. My friend birthday 50th in January 2016. We want to walk together. How do we get the proper documents for the walk. Will start in St Jean Pied de Port and want to go right to the end. Please help with direction.
    This site is too difficult for people who don't understand computers. How can you ask a question, then be asked to suggest responses?
    Hi Ivar. "Create new thread" button has disappeared. I've been searching for it all morning but with no luck! Any advice? Cheers, Trish xx
    Hi Ivar , the badges came this morning that's really kind of you.
    Thanx again Andrea :)
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