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  1. Jabaldo

    Your Favorite Food on the Primitivo?

    What a great question. I must admit the food along the Camino was not all that great. There were a couple of high lights that stand out in my mind as well as my wife. The tapas in Pamplona, or is it Iruna. The real deal from what I can determine. On ever corner and in every bar. Outstanding. The...
  2. Jabaldo

    Alburgues Vs Pensions , Hotels etc

    I just got back from my Camino which we started mid September 2014. No problem at all with beds just be flexable you might not get the Albergue you want but there are others. Buen Camino
  3. Jabaldo

    Packing List Question

    My wife and I just returned from the Camino, we used everything in our pack and yes our pack was over the 10% suggestion. Just deal with it and you will be fine. Buen Camino
  4. Jabaldo

    Pilgrim House Grand Opening Party - you're invited!

    Thank you for the invitation. We do not start our Camino until September 16. We will see you sometime in late October. Buen Camino to Us
  5. Jabaldo

    Now for the important stuff--corkscrew?

    I agree with you Susan, one of the first things I packed was my Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew. I don't leave home without it. I also know that wine on the Camino makes everything better. Buen Camino
  6. Jabaldo

    "Why Walking Helps Us Think"

    Great insight, I have a tendency to do everything in a hurry. I must keep reminding myself that this is not a race, take my time enjoy were I am at that moment and just enjoy my surroundings. Live in the present not the future of we must get to the next Alberque so we don't miss out on a bed...
  7. Jabaldo

    Albergue Etiquette

    What does one do with his or her backpack as far as safety? Is there lockers that they can be stored in while out for dinner or just exploring the town? I know keep valuables with you at all times but my clothing and gear is also my valuable. What do you all recommend?
  8. Jabaldo

    "Why Walking Helps Us Think"

    When ever I have a problem or an issue that needs attention I have always gone for a walk. I always seemed to come up with an answer to the problem. Now I know why. Thank you for the info.
  9. Jabaldo

    Backpack, vitamins, and gastronomy questions!

    Are there for last minute items sporting goods store in SJPP?
  10. Jabaldo

    Backpack, vitamins, and gastronomy questions!

    I had the same thought regarding supplements, I just stocked up on, energy boost and strength endurance. I don't know where you live the brand I have been taking is Hammer. Good quality product that are designed for sports minded people. I would also suggest a sports drink of some kind to...
  11. Jabaldo

    This will put a smile on your face!

    This was wonderful song for me to listen to. Thank you for posting it.
  12. Jabaldo

    This will put a smile on your face!

    "Way" cool. The guy in the video was great I don't think he walked the Camino I think he danced the Camino. Good for him. Does anyone know when this video was taken? Trying to get an idea of what time of year to help me pack for my Camino which is just a few weeks away. One more thought the guy...
  13. Jabaldo

    50 magical photographs

    How wonderful thankyou for sharing
  14. Jabaldo

    Logical way to pack a back pack

    I see from your post you carry a CPAP machine. I use one at home each night but never thought about taking it with me along the Camino. Did you use your along the Camino and if so did it disturb others in your sleeping area?
  15. Jabaldo

    Ladies Only

    My wife is not high maintenance like some this is one indulgence she has and if I can help her I will. The forum helped she has decided to remove her fake nails and brave it. Thank you to all who posted

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