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  1. JacquelineRowe

    2016 for Vezelay....

    Hi all - I've done the French Way in 2010 - successful and amazing!! I'm looking at doing the Vezelay Camino in 2016 and wonder if anyone else has done it in it's entirety in the one journey? I know it's about 60km longer than the French Way - that doesn't scare me - just interested in those...
  2. JacquelineRowe

    AND again....walking this wonderful Camino!! Please join my support page on facebook if the above link doesn't work - search on facebook for "Camino Heartbeat" I'm really excited about walking this again 2 years later almost to the date except this time I'm taking 2 ofm y best friends with me...
  3. JacquelineRowe

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    My boots were 1 size & half larger and were PERFECT! One thing I will mention, now I've got one Camino under my belt - a lot of hiking boots/shoes etc are quite generic to fit a myriad of feet however, they don't always have the best arch support!! Given the Camino has MANY MANY MANY MANY...
  4. JacquelineRowe

    Contaminated water fountain in the begining of the Meseta

    Yes but I'm not sure it was there! And I think maybe it was more a stomach bug than the water as it seemed to float through the group despite the water - but it's not a Camino without a stomach bug!! hehe I was violently sick from Mansilla and had to stop at the private Alburgue just 10km out...
  5. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Heartbeat's Pilgrimage Sept/Oct 2010

    Link to my album below - it's not in order of days as some were added along the way and others added after the journey and facebook albums only allow 200pics per album - so this is a selection! ... 4c54451851 My Blog -...
  6. JacquelineRowe

    Who else is starting their Camino journey late September??

    Hi Justine We may miss each other - just! I'm departing St Jean on Sun 26th and to Ronscavalles in the one day. I havent got any rest days planned - doesn't mean it won't happen tho... :) Are you walking the entire Camino to Santiago? Cheers Jacqui
  7. JacquelineRowe

    Who else is starting their Camino journey late September??

    Hi Snowdonia Have you got a date for departing St Jean?? Cheers Jacqui
  8. JacquelineRowe

    Who else is starting their Camino journey late September??

    Hello again...the reason I ask is that not everyone puts their Camino on the calendar facility :D Cheers Jacqui
  9. JacquelineRowe

    Who else is starting their Camino journey late September??

    Hey all Just curious as to who else is commencing their Camino journey from St Jean around 25-26th September this year?? Obviously I am - so just wanted to know who & if anyone on these forums is also starting around then :P Cheers Jacqui
  10. JacquelineRowe

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    I've spent the money on buying 2 pairs of the Silver Thread Bionic x-socks - $55 per pair (Australian $) and SOOOO very worthwhile. Also with the boots CARN they're not the full high boots only just above the ankle bone. They have a wider front section so the toes are NOT squashed. I've done...
  11. JacquelineRowe

    First time pilgrim in April 2010

    Hi Marita How did your Camino go?? I'd love to hear. I'm just under 8 weeks out from mine - am so so ready to go!! Cheers Jacqui
  12. JacquelineRowe

    Walking first Camino Sept/Oct. Loads of questions.

    Hey IvySkye I too am walking Sept/Oct. What dates are you departing St Jean? I'm flying from London to Biarritz then having the transport vehicle pick me up from Biarritz airport and drive the hour or so to St Jean. I'm departing St Jean on Saturday 25th and am just doing a little stretch on...
  13. JacquelineRowe

    Camino Heartbeat Blogspot Hello everyone - have decided to add a blogspot to my campaign - is an open public blog and happy for you all to send around. Less then 8 weeks to go until I start off in St Jean...YAY!! :lol: Cheers Jacqui
  14. JacquelineRowe

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    YAY :mrgreen: Thanks "JohnnieWalker" great to hear!!
  15. JacquelineRowe

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    Hi all I finally bought CARN hiking boots - they're a British made boot! I've been wearing them in for the past 2 months and have to say SENSATIONAL no issues whatsoever am so very very pleased. Pray that they continue for my Pilgrimage in September/October! :D They're a slightly wider...