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Recent content by james walter purdum iv

  1. james walter purdum iv

    lourdes to fatima

    has anyone done this route? i'd like to leave lourdes then hit el norte and then to fatima
  2. james walter purdum iv

    headed to rome

    where does this route start and how may kms and/or days?
  3. james walter purdum iv

    Show me your tattoo

    the arrow turned yellow when it healed
  4. james walter purdum iv

    Too old?

    On my camino I saw three 80 years celebrate their birthdays
  5. james walter purdum iv

    Sticks or no sticks?

    I loved my pokes for the first half but then lost them to a crazy hospitelero in cirnuna.. he locked up before I got back from helping a lady to a bus. But I was free and much more confident then so I loved not having poles for the second half. They are very comforting the first half
  6. james walter purdum iv

    Don't buy a backpack!

    I like the extra room to access my stuff easily. I filled it up in Santiago then jumped on a plane
  7. james walter purdum iv

    Comment by 'james walter purdum iv' in media 'Love that cafe con leche!'

    Always made myself put in at least 5kms before I enjoyed one!
  8. james walter purdum iv

    first time pilgrim: How long does it take to walk?

    It took me 37 with 2 rest days.. I’m 280 lbs and wasn’t in the best shape lol. Motor on the meseta and you should be good in 31 days
  9. james walter purdum iv

    the QUICKEST way from Madrid airport to St. Jean Pied de Port???

    I took train..get shuttle train to train station and then met pilgrims on the train. We shared a taxi (4 of us) to SJPP for 25 euro each. That was to Pamplona and then can to SJPP
  10. james walter purdum iv

    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    Fear.. turned that into adrenaline for first three days. And wish I had brought more confidence that I was always going to make it
  11. james walter purdum iv

    Walking in early morning hours

    Just awful see nothing so you may as well stay on your treadmill at home. Arrows are hard to find and footing will be a problem. I swollen st 6:30 and walked until 2pm each day. It can get hot but such a more visible and fulfilling walk. Many got up at 4 am and were nearly beaten to...
  12. james walter purdum iv

    Your single favorite picture of your Camino

    S steep descent but beautiful. I stayed in acebo and had one hell of a time getting to ponderfedder the next morning in the dark.. whew!!
  13. james walter purdum iv

    Should I get a smaller pack?

    I walked with a 50 liters antigravity osprey and I loved the fact that I could access all my stuff which was only half the pack without having to dig through or take everything out. Plus I put a few gifts in when I got to Santiago
  14. james walter purdum iv

    Rain Skirt (wrap, kilt ...)

    “The packa” ---