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  1. jayree

    Visiting Spain from the couch (Yes, there is a link to the Camino de Santiago)
  2. jayree

    COVID Travel to Europe — 2020

    Alaska has enacted a policy for those who want to visit. Often this may be only for a 3-5 day fishing trip so a 14 day quarantine is impractical. One fishing group I have used posted this info You can read the...
  3. jayree

    Still starting my Camino

    This sounds like "Phil's Camino."
  4. jayree

    COVID COVID-19: Current Camino Conditions

    Police in Spain are using drones to tell people to stay in their damn homes.
  5. jayree

    The Hero's Journey

    If you haven't seen the 6 part PBS series where Bill Moyers discusses the Power of the Myth with Joseph Campbell it is worth adding to your list.
  6. jayree

    Camiño dos Faros

    This article from the Washington Post (June 2019) was recently posted on their year-end travel newsletter "look back at some of our top stories of 2019."
  7. jayree

    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    I am reminded of two stories I heard when I walked the CF. On the train from Bayonne to SJPdP one pilgrim announced this would be his second time to walk the CF. A German quickly replied, "What's the matter? Didn't you get it the first time.?" Toward the end I heard one woman tell her husband...
  8. jayree

    No more excuse for not having this in Every Home Bar in the U.S.

    The Serrano ham is much cheaper ($100) and the one I usually see at Costco.
  9. jayree

    Article by Nancy Frey about the rise of Korean pilgrims on the Camino

    When I walked the CF in 2012 I met several groups of Korean pilgrims but often they tended to walk and dine together with their fellow countrymen. I think part of the barrier at that time was language. I did meet one young woman who was engaging and delightful. When I asked why there were so...
  10. jayree

    New Book: A Pilgrimage to Eternity

    Discussion last week including NYT article by Timothy Egan
  11. jayree

    New Book: A Pilgrimage to Eternity

    I've just read it and very much enjoyed it. In fact I ordered Egan's book after a brief discussion on this forum one week ago. This is not the usual chatty travelogue that most pilgrims write but a thoughtful exploration of the history of the VF and Catholicism. But, as my grandfather often...
  12. jayree

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    When in SJdPP, ready to start our Camino, we were talking with a pilgrim from Japan. "Taki, you're wearing flip flops." "Yes, I know." "Are you going to walk the entire CF in flip flops?" "I think so." He did. Later we learned he had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in flip flops. I wore NB running shoes...
  13. jayree

    New York Times article

    I am forever indebted to Timothy Egan, who lives in Seattle, for one of his early books, "The Good Rain." After reading it my wife, who is not a hiker or backpacker, said "Let's backpack The Enchanted Valley" (in Olympic National Park). So I organized a week to walk with our preteen kids. It was...
  14. jayree

    Relics and pilgrimages

    There is an interesting article about relics and pilgrimages in the online magazine Aeon. From the ending ... "If you believe that that these places and objects might be sacred, you can experience a profoundly moving act of veneration in which the celebrity or celebrated dead is both mortally...
  15. jayree

    Thoughts on a long walk in Japan

    "In the context of a walk like this, “boredom” is a goal, the antipode of mindless connectivity, constant stimulation, anger and dissatisfaction. I put “boredom” in quotes because the boredom I’m talking about fosters a heightened sense of presence. To be “bored” is to be free of distraction."...

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