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Recent content by jburr3708

  1. jburr3708

    Dealing with a broken ankle

    When I was 71 I broke my ankle on the VDLP in April shortly after Seville. I was taken back to the hospital in Seville where they operated and inserted plates and screws because I had broken both leg bones. I stayed a hotel in Seville for about 3 days before flying first to my sister in London...
  2. jburr3708

    JFK Layover

    That is not correct. All flights to the US are required to go through Immigration and Customs at airport of arrival. This is includes collecting checked bags and rechecking them after customs. Arriving at JFK will require baggage collection and rechechecking for flight to Richmond. However if...
  3. jburr3708

    Report on the Camino Bragancera (Camino Portuguese de la Via de la Plata)

    When I walked the VDLP in 2017 I didn't realize that there were 2 Caminos leaving from Zamora and managed to take the wrong one. When I arrive at Hiniesta and saw the inscriptions on the church referring to the the Camino Portuguese I went into a little tienda and found out that I was on the...
  4. jburr3708

    Walking after a broken ankle

    I was 71 years old and broke my right ankle in 2014 on day 3 of my VDLP Camino starting in Seville. I was taken by ambulance back to a hospital in Seville where they operated inserting a plate and 9 screws to fix it. A week later I returned to my home in USA. My orthopaedic doctor there told me...
  5. jburr3708

    The best hiking trousers...

    I used to like the REI Sahara zip=offs and they were great, but they have changed them and the new ones are very baggy and I am now looking for a different brand.
  6. jburr3708

    Still not sure if vdlp is a good idea April 2018

    I walked the VDLP in May 2017. The weather was very rainy and we had to make some detours where rivers were overflowing and the trails impassable along with wading through others. When I got the Sanabres and heard that the rain and snow made it difficult I stayed on the VDLP to Astorga and...
  7. jburr3708

    Test of the new forum version

    I too miss the information on Caminos walked etc. Do I need to renter it or will it "reappear" sometime?
  8. jburr3708


    I used to use Blogger until it became totally unreliable. For my Camino Portuguese in June I used an app called Blog Touch Pro. It was great and easy to learn. I blogged each day on my iPhone and could save a days blog if I didn't have a decent wifi and upload/post later as needed. A big...
  9. jburr3708

    Does Refuge Orisson Have wifi?

    Interesting. I walked the Camino Portuguese in May/June and bought a Simm card in Porto. It would not work in Spain!
  10. jburr3708

    Medical bill from Spain

    When I received medical treatment for a minor issue on the Camino I asked for a bill, paid cash and was reimbursed by my travel insurance when I got home. When I broke my ankle on the VDLP and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital in Seville, I contacted my insurance company who worked out...
  11. jburr3708

    Dollar to Euro Exchange, Credit Card, fees

    Make sure you have a DEBIT card with a VISA, MasterCard ,or similar mark on it. Credit cards are not widely accepted on the Camino so you will need Euros (Cash). Credit cards come with much higher fees and worse exchange rates. Also, interest on them starts the minute you use the for cash...
  12. jburr3708

    No beds on the last 100km into Santiago

    I walked the CP with my daughter from Porto to Santiago and on to Fisterre in June and we stayed in albergues (mostly municipal) every night. We never had a problem and I don't recall any of them being completo. I would not be concerned about availability in September. Just walk and enjoy it.
  13. jburr3708

    shower/evening foot wear

    I took crocs on my first Camino but they take up a lot of room in backpack and are not good for walking if needed in an emergency. The last three Camino's I have taken Teva sandals. Great, non-slip in the shower and dry in a few minutes. Used them in the evenings with socks if it was. Old and...
  14. jburr3708

    How to get to Ponte de Lima?

    You might want to look for a train. We took a train from Porto to Barcelos. Very easy and quick but I don't know if they go to Ponte de Lima