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  1. Jeff Titelius

    CCTV in the Praza do Obradoiro

    I have a few more for you as well. I check them out daily to distract me and remind me of my Camino. Enjoy but keep in mind that there are disruptions in the streams some of the time but don't worry, they're usually restored a day or two later. O'Cebreiro...
  2. Jeff Titelius

    Your Favorite Easter Movies

    You weren't able to watch the entire movie?
  3. Jeff Titelius

    Your Favorite Easter Movies

    "Ten Commandments," "Greatest Story Ever Told" and "The Agony and the Ecstasy" . Oh, and "Sound of Music"
  4. Jeff Titelius

    Embark on a virtual Camino

    Loved your blog update!
  5. Jeff Titelius

    Embark on a virtual Camino

    What a fabulous imagination!! I loved reading about your first leg. Buen Camino!
  6. Jeff Titelius

    Embark on a virtual Camino

    Greetings Pilgrims! Because of the onslaught of the coronavirus, pilgrims from around the world are unable to complete their Caminos, momentarily. In light of the fact, Duperier's Authentic Journeys has just started a new group on Facebook, open to ALL pilgrims, to join them on a ‘Virtual...
  7. Jeff Titelius

    Santiago this morning

    Thank you for the inspiration!
  8. Jeff Titelius

    Animals that I met (and was quick enough to get their photo)

    What a great idea and distraction from the woes of the world! Here's to keeping the Camino alive in our spirits and filling our hearts with smiles!!
  9. Jeff Titelius

    1648 Camino map showing pilgrims

    Thank you so much!! Love the vibrancy of the first one!
  10. Jeff Titelius

    1648 Camino map showing pilgrims

    Fascinating!! Do you have a pic of the whole map in one shot? Thanks!
  11. Jeff Titelius

    We are GOING! And I decorated my pack . . .

    Great news!! Buen Camino Peregrina!!
  12. Jeff Titelius

    Parador in Leon

    I have a FABULOUS alternative if you're interested. It's only a 15-minute walk away. http://www.hotelrealcolegiata.com/en/ I stayed here in 2018 and LOVED IT!!!!! Check it out and good luck.
  13. Jeff Titelius

    The Silent Camino "People"

    Hangin' with Gaudi in León!
  14. Jeff Titelius

    A 'One Word' Why?

    HI there. Love the course outline and boy, would I love to attend. To answer your question as to why, here are a few reasons you could elaborate on: • Religious/Spriritual reasons - to build on your relationship with God • Redemption • Rediscover yourself or "Discovery" encompassing the...
  15. Jeff Titelius

    NPR radio interview on the Camino and my book

    Break a leg peregrino!! I received your book over Christmas and it's next on my reading list.

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