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Recent content by jelle

  1. jelle

    Finally Camino Francés again! :)

    Hi I've walked the camino in both periods. My first camino Frances was Juli-August the second May-June. Both were great in their own way of course. But comparing practical differences I would say it was a lot nicer walking in May because of the temperature. On the juli one I averaged about 22 km...
  2. jelle

    Thank you, Santiago

    Hi Peterhore, Do you have a reference for the book on the escape routes? I would be interested in knowing which routes were used and have an interest in both the escape routes and the pilgrim routes over the pyrenees. Thanks,
  3. jelle

    Belgian pilgrim killed by a hit and run on the camino

    Here is a Spanish newspaper confirming it:
  4. jelle

    Belgian pilgrim killed by a hit and run on the camino

    Hi all, This sad news was in the Belgian press this morning: A Belgian pilgrim on his 9th camino was robbed and subsequently run over by a car near San Roman De La Vega. Police suspect that he was the victim of a car accident after the robbery...
  5. jelle

    Paralysis by analysis

    On my first camino out of Porto. I had set out relying on my Brierley guidebook. I had done research relating to packing and the stages etc. But arriving on the ground I found it very hard navigating using John Brierley's maps. Arriving at the first albergue after a strenuous day trying to reach...
  6. jelle

    Court Ordered Camino

    Hi, In Belgium there is a book on 30 years of oikoten in support of the organisation in order to be able to continue the project since government funding was cut back 2 years ago. For those interested it is called "Ik dus naar Compostella" published by Lannoo. Unfortunately for non-Dutch...
  7. jelle

    Sevilla - Guillena safety

    Hi Susan, Like you I was worried about the reports. In the end I just walked it and didn't encouter any problems or have any feelings of unsafety. No weirdos on the road except us pilgrims :). I guess the advantage of you splitting up the stage is that you can walk on more "unusual" times...
  8. jelle

    Is a guide book really necessary????

    I see your point dougfitz. Thank you for your view on the matter. For me it is more of a "the journey is the destination" kind of undertaking. The physical,mental and spiritual development achieved and balance found by walking to the cathedral was my primary purpose. In any case I think a...
  9. jelle

    Is a guide book really necessary????

    Weird reflexion... A world shared is a better world I feel. Would you not share a bottle of water with another pilgrim? No because you had the burden of carrying it? I think not. Why don't you bring a sleeping mat or tent? Because someone decided to share his home/hostal. The essence of...
  10. jelle

    Is a guide book really necessary????

    Hi SunShine, For the Frances it is definately not necessary. I've walked it twice only using the paper summary of the stages you receive from the pilgrim office in SJPDP. And when you feel the need to consult a guidebook I'm sure there are other pilgrims willing to lend you theirs for a...
  11. jelle

    Kumano Kodo NYT article

    Nice thanks for posting the article
  12. jelle

    Kumano Kodo - Dual Peregrino

    Hi, maybe too late but I have done it. I planned everyting using the kumano kodo website and by going to the tourist office in Tanabe-kii. It really is an excellent website, very Japanese in its detail. The communication was very easy, the Japanese are...
  13. jelle

    Second and subsequent Caminos as good as the First?

    I agree with the physical and different experience arguments above and might add that it gets better every time on a spiritual and mental level. It is easier getting into the camino vibe and spirit so you attain this state a lot earlier in the walk, which makes it a deeper spiritual journey. I...
  14. jelle

    sleeping bag on VdlP

    Hi, Do you guys think it would be possible to do the Via de la plata in Marsh with only a summer sleeping bag (confort to 10C)? And use thermal underwear as back up when it's get too cold?
  15. jelle

    where to start a few days before SJPP?

    Hi, I can recommend starting from Aire Sur L'Adour. It's a small town about 5-6 days from SJPDP. I started there on my latest camino to get some "training" before the Pyrenees. It was lovely. I especially enjoyed seeing the Pyrenees in the distant and slowly moving towards them. From this town...