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Recent content by jemitch65

  1. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Cee'

    Cee was a milestone. After the 15 kilometer walk in the wilderness and hot Spanish sun, you emerge in Cee and the Atlantic Ocean. I stayed here a night before moving on to Finisterre. Magical experience and a lifetime of memories.
  2. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Castrojeriz'

    Very pretty...good to see that the restoration has been completed. When I walked through here in June 2012, there was a great big crane over the castle.
  3. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Burgos Sunrise'

    Truly beautiful photograph. Burgos was one of my favorite places along the Camino Frances when I walked it in May and June of 2012. Makes me want to get on a plane this afternoon and return to this beautiful land again.
  4. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Santiago June 24th 2014'

    I remember this wonderful day like it was yesterday and not four years ago. I stayed at the Hotel Universal a few blocks from this street and from my hotel room window could hear the bell you see above chiming the hour of the day and night. A charming and magical experience that changed my...
  5. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Roncesvalles'

    I remember this view as if it were yesterday; a beautiful yesterday of May 23, 2012. God willing, I will return one day to repeat the experience that literally changed my life and made it a more fulfilling one. Buen camino peregrinos! John
  6. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Espalion'

    Extraordinary...thank you.
  7. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Fountain along the Meseta'

    It was villages such as this that I would marvel at during my walk in 2012. Many of the rural towns and villages are largely deserted but you could see the ghosts of centuries past when this square and fountain must have been the life center of this community.
  8. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Poppy explosion'

    Agreed John...very nice photograph. It reminds me of the first week on the Camino Frances...poppies everywhere on the way to Torres del Rio; a Camino gem.
  9. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'April 10th Manjarin to El Acebo'

    One of my favorite stretches of the Camino Frances after Cruz de Ferro. Remote and peaceful.
  10. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Not far to go, 787 kilometers to Santiago'

    As they say..."the journey is the destination."
  11. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Camino de Santiago; animated Google Earth map of the Camino Frances, The French Way - YouTube'

    Thank you for taking me down "Memory Lane" in 2012. The good Lord willing, I will return some fine day.
  12. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Day 1, September 4th, 2015 ... Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles before Orisson'

    I remember this view as if it were yesterday when I left Saint Jean Pied de Port on May 23, 2012. The further up you go, the green mountain tops appear as if islands in a stream; a Hemingway reference that is appropriate on the walk to Pamplona only two days away.
  13. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Santiago de Compostela'

    And yet "absolution" was what he gave me and because I am the foremost expert of my own experiences in Spain (because I was there) that is the truth!
  14. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'Village along the way.'

    This village was another gem along the Camino. After staying in Foncebadon the night before, we walked up to Cruz de Ferro in the early morning as the sun was rising over our backs. On our way down, we walked through some beautiful countryside before arriving in El Acebo. We stopped for...
  15. jemitch65

    Comment by 'jemitch65' in media 'greeting to the Sun'

    Walking before the sunrise, so I could watch its magnificence was my favorite part of the day.