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  1. Jesso

    German Camino - Some advise

    One important consideration when planning for a Camino in Germany (Jakob’s Weg) is language and your ability to communicate in German. Big cities are fine, in my experience. There’ll always be someone who can help you out. It’s the smaller towns and tiny villages that you will find more...
  2. Jesso

    Camino del Norte as my first Camino in June - have I made a mistake?

    Love this, and it is oh so true! Once you walk a Camino, it keeps drawing you back. Starting the Norte late June, my third Camino. Can not wait!
  3. Jesso

    Day 1 Irun/San Sebastian -recommendations please

    Thanks, TimH. Good to know! It sounds like the best start to a month of walking!
  4. Jesso

    Day 1 Irun/San Sebastian -recommendations please

    Thank you for your recommendation and sharing your photos, I’m excited to begin walking!
  5. Jesso

    Day 1 Irun/San Sebastian -recommendations please

    Hi, I am going to be a little tight with the number of days I have to walk from San Sebastián to Santiago. I’ve decided (for now) that I’m going to merge on to the Primitivo from the Norte. I have read wonderful things about the first day of the Norte from Irun to San Sebastián and if...
  6. Jesso

    del Norte beginning 22/23 June '19

    Hi It56ny, Thanks for the note on the sleeping bag. Was there a lot of road walking on the Norte? I have have heard some talk of this. Not sure how it compares to the amount on the Frances. Perhaps more after the split with the Primitivo? I am keen for a physically challenging walk, that...
  7. Jesso

    del Norte beginning 22/23 June '19

    Hi Walli, happy planning! This is the place to ask all the questions, that's for sue. Others on here are so knowledgeable and always happy to share their experiences!
  8. Jesso

    del Norte beginning 22/23 June '19

    Hi Jan_D, Thank you for all this info. I'll definitely look into Primitivo a bit more. I am excited for the summer break, even more so now hearing from you! I was lucky enough to not have to experience the bed race on the Frances, walking in Sept/Oct. So this will be something I'll need to...
  9. Jesso

    del Norte beginning 22/23 June '19

    Hi, Having walked the Frances in Sept/Oct 2015 from SJPDP to Muxia, I am looking forward to another month on the Way over the summer. I am planning to walk from Irun to Santiago. I'm looking for any advice and suggestions to the following: - I understand it is not the most ideal time to be...
  10. Jesso

    OzAnnie's Camino de Madrid -- March 2018

    Thanks for the information on the conditions ahead. I'm setting out tomorrow.
  11. Jesso

    Camino de Madrid March 2018

    I'm planning on leaving Madrid on March 25th. Hope to see some of you in the way.
  12. Jesso

    Jakobsweg - best walking routes in Germany in November

    Hi, I walked the Camino Frances 2 years ago and loved the experience. Now living in Germany, I would love to love to walk here as well. I am located in Bavaria and have a week of holidays the first week in November. Has anyone walked in November (I'm in Bavaria)? Are there many pilgrim's...

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