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  1. JFG

    Shin Splints

    That is excellent information and one must also consider their foot alignment and it’s contribution to the development of shin splints. Feet that have an excessive or prolonged pronation phase (flat feet) stress the tibialis anterior muscle. It’s attachment on the lower leg is frequently the...
  2. JFG

    Clothes lines

    We like to use something sold by “nite ize”. It has two cam jam attachment points and a thin cord that can be adjusted to any length. It tightens well and hold wet clothes. Easy to attach to trees, beds, hotel room balconies.
  3. JFG

    Via Postumia

    Thanks for the info and links!
  4. JFG

    Via Postumia

    We are considering walking the Via Postumia this spring. The route information is fairly comprehensive but I have not been able to locate anyone who has recently walked it and would like some first hand pros and cons info regarding the trail. Any information or a point in the right direction...
  5. JFG

    Matador Soap Bar Case

    We have used the bag on the link below for our soap for many years. You can keep the soap in it while in the shower and the bag acts as a skin scrubber. You can hang it in those showers where there's no soap tray. It can be hung on a clothesline or bed frame to dry out. It's cheap, too. Hiker's...
  6. JFG

    New thievery model on the Camino....be aware!

    Thanks for the Info. Where there's a will, there's a way. If you don't want to lose it, keep it close.
  7. JFG

    Chaco sandals pros and cons? (plantar fasciitis dramas)

    Chacos are great for my crappy feet but as you said too heavy. For two caminos I used oofos which are great but not real stable. This year I am wearing Chaco Odyssey which have great support for my feet but are MUCH LIGHTER than their sandals Worth a look. Also I could hike with them if I...
  8. JFG

    Choosing Sandals

    A newer option is Chaco’s Odyssey. Lightweight, good sole, supportive, water tolerant
  9. JFG

    The Difference between water and beer on Camino

    A Radler is called a "shandy" or lemon shandy" in the US
  10. JFG

    The Difference between water and beer on Camino

    What a surprise! I haven't been able to tell the difference in taste between Spanish beer and water. Now I have a way to be sure if it's water or beer. Thanks!
  11. JFG

    New search tool available on Wikiloc

    Thanks! That looks quite useful for all the reasons you said. I have used Wikiloc on a variety of trails in Spain and this new option makes it even more useful. As you said, when things are well signed there isn't much need for it, but when you can find an off road trail that gets you to the...
  12. JFG

    The Lush shampoo bar review thread

    A new batch of fragrance-free hiking soap and carrying bags. Take a look... Hikers Soap
  13. JFG

    The Lush shampoo bar review thread

    So many choices! Somewhere in this thread mushy bars were discussed. My solution over many Caminos has been these bags. The bag serves as a skin scrubber and the soap can be left in the bag and hung over the line, your bed, or your pack to dry. The drier the soap is kept, the longer it lasts...
  14. JFG

    Learning Basic Spanish

    Also consider the podcast “Coffee Break Spanish”. It is a language professor and augments Duolingo and Rosetta Stone.
  15. JFG

    After hike shoes/sandals?

    Oofo sandals. As supportive as chacos but considerably lighter.. My choice last year and again this year.

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