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    LIVE from the Camino STOLEN from Foncebadon cafe 10am Sunday Oct 2, 2022

    When somebody steals something of mine - especially if it were to happen while walking the Camino - my day isn't ruined just because I don't have my item anymore. My whole sense of reality and trust in others would be affected. It never occurred to me that someone might steal something -...
  2. JillGat

    Water problems in Villafranca del Bierzo

    Exactly. This was going to be my response, too. I stepped off the Camino and did a tour of winery tasting rooms when I passed through Bierzo and it really opened my eyes beyond Rioja and tempranillo grapes. I discovered Mencia and Grenacha and some wonderful white wines, too. I also...
  3. JillGat

    What are some Common Camino Misconceptions?

    Your ATM card provides.
  4. JillGat

    What are some Common Camino Misconceptions?

    It is a misconception that the Camino is all about getting a compostela at the end of your walk. It's cool, but it's not NECESSARY. You can walk the Camino without this end goal.
  5. JillGat

    Camino Travel Agent recommendations

    I totally get why some people want to plan ahead and nail down accommodations. I, however, have a problem with people telling me what to do. Especially when I'm traveling. Walking the Camino, each morning I had a semi-plan for where I would end up at the end of my walk. Usually about 12-15K...
  6. JillGat


    I got an AirBnB and stayed with an (originally Dutch) gay bodybuilder with risque pictures of him posted in the hallway. He had a wonderful French bulldog that slept with me. Let me know if you need contact info.
  7. JillGat

    Bedbug repellent sprays?

    Essential oils are ineffective AND other pilgrims may be sensitive to them. Please don't.
  8. JillGat

    Pre-Pilgrim times - photos of when you were young?

    See, the original roots of your life! When I was in the 5th grade, we had to do a big report on a topic, not of our choosing. I picked out of a hat the subject, "Early Roads." Which sounded like the most boring topic imaginable at the time. Then I started to read about it... The foot trails...
  9. JillGat

    La Plata in March 2022

    Bruce, did you get this email from Gerald Kelly? The 2022 edition of the Walking Guide to the Vía de la Plata is now available. The guide was fully updated in November / December 2021. You can see where to buy the book on this page. The Covid Situation The situation in Spain and on the Vía...
  10. JillGat

    La Plata in March 2022

    Hi Bruce! No I had to postpone my VdLP, so may be walking it the same time you will be next year! I believe Gerald Kelly is updating his guidebook for the VdLP right now. I collected a lot of info. for my walk that I'd be happy to share with you, though probably best to wait and get info. from...
  11. JillGat

    Key Essential Item(s) for Your Camino

    Just shows you how different we all are. I would die if I ever had to wear a long sleeve button up polyester shirt.
  12. JillGat

    Chaco Odyssey Sandals?

    I walk in the Chaco Z1 sandals. I just sent them back to be re-soled, which is a great service, too. I have them put Vibram soles on them. They easily hold up for walking across Spain. Interestingly enough, I just sent in a review to Chaco about the Odyssey, which I bought later, after I...
  13. JillGat

    Large group on the Torres

    50 people hiking together sounds like a nightmare to me.
  14. JillGat

    The Introverted Pilgrim

    So strange that I checked in on an update on him and found out he died... tomorrow, my time.
  15. JillGat

    The Introverted Pilgrim

    BTW: Rest in Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh

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