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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. Jim McMurtrie

    Walking Boots Vs. Trail Runners

    Of course wear what is comfortable for you. My preference is OBOZ non-waterproof trail runners.
  2. Jim McMurtrie

    change of plans, Paris to St. Jean, Frances again

    After researching the Portugese we have decided to do the Frances again, but this time flying into Paris and then to SJPdP. Need some suggestions on getting from Paris,
  3. Jim McMurtrie

    Stages from Leon and luggage question from a first timer

    AC'sare hotels that are affiliated with Marriot.
  4. Jim McMurtrie

    Stages from Leon and luggage question from a first timer

    If you stay in a Hotel in Madrid they will be happy to keep your luggage as laong as you have a room booked. We stayed at an AC and when we returned our luggage was waiting in our room. Buen Camino
  5. Jim McMurtrie

    Keto on the Camino???

    I would be interested in JJinWI results. I did much the same preparing for my april camino from St Jean. Most of my carbs came from wine. I lost 40 pounds and 4 inches off of my waist. On the camino, I avoided pasta and such but did eat bread and drank beer almost every day. I gained 5 pounds...
  6. Jim McMurtrie

    Can't find the thread

    Recently there was a thread about the portugese at a less than agressive pace. Th poster even was kind enough to post his lodging stages. I can't seem to find it and I would really like to use it to prepare for our Spring CP. any help would be appreciated. Buen Camino
  7. Jim McMurtrie

    Lisbon or Porto?

    Planning to go to Lisbon abt April 5th.
  8. Jim McMurtrie

    Lisbon or Porto?

    Many thanks to all, as always great information and opinions. Lisbon it is. In retrospect, a great deal of the Frances experience was immersion into the culture so why not. Next, the logistics. Jim & Jane
  9. Jim McMurtrie

    An attempt at a secular Grand Camino Theory of Everything

    Great thread! When asked by a close and very philosophical friend why I loved the Camino I said without thinking that by focusing on the simple but essential tasks i.e. walking, eating, sleeping, my mind was free to ponder things that have been camoflauged by the noise of my normal life. A...
  10. Jim McMurtrie

    Lisbon or Porto?

    Many thanks to all . Still undecided but will continue to ponder. enticed by the food and lodging responses. Maybe the coastal from Porto to SdC then Finistere/Muxia?
  11. Jim McMurtrie

    Lisbon or Porto?

    We are planning our 2019 Camino. The question is do we start in Lisbon or Porto. We intend to do Finistere and Muxia which we didn't get to on our Frances this spring. We will need to have at least one backpack transportred occasionally and it seems that there is none available between Lisbon...
  12. Jim McMurtrie

    Hiking Shoes

    One pair is enough but, on the advice of a serious trekker, I brought a second set of insoles for my obos. About two thirds of the camino I put the new ones in and it made a world of difference. Buen Camino
  13. Jim McMurtrie

    Live - Camino Portugues What kind of pack transport is available.

    We sometimes need to forward a pack. Is there a service like Jacotrans which we were quite pleased with on the Frances? Also is there a reliable luggage transport from Lisbonto Santiago
  14. Jim McMurtrie

    Trains, planes and automobiles

    thanks to all. Apprantly the American flight doesn't fly in the winter months and didn't show up in my search until today. Problem solved. Looking forward to our second Camino Bom Caminho
  15. Jim McMurtrie

    Trains, planes and automobiles

    Philadelphia/ Baltimore/DC would be ideal. Our thought is that a visit to a european city we haven't been to might make the adventure more interesting. Mid March to mid April will work.

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