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    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    I hope they also get that “vibe“ from attending mass regularly.
  2. JimG59

    VdlP or Portuguese in April ?

    In what way was the first couple of days disappointing ? I would have thought any Camino and the freedom they bring would have been delightful. What was it missing ?
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    Calendar APRIL 2023 Start - Check in here!

    Starting 6th April - Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to Santiago. ✅
  4. JimG59

    Coastal vs Central (Portuguese) in December

    Hi Damien, I noted you were starting the CP from Lisbon earlier in November. How has it been for you ? Stages, accommodation, cafes, general walking etc. Have you had sight of other pilgrims ? Ihope your protected from the rain. I‘m planning to start my CP in early April from Lisbon.
  5. JimG59

    Pyrenees difficulty

    It’s not that difficult but it should not be missed. It was one of the highlights, as it was for most people I spoke with, of my Camino from SJPDP in September. You can get your bag, if you intended backpacking, taken over to your accommodation by Express Bourricot.
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    Having painful blisters unable to walk and have 7 days left. Currently in Santiago

    Had a few nice lunches and a dinner in San Martin Pinario In October after my Camino. Excellent value and great waiting staff.
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    Where to stay in Lisbon and Porto?

    Hello Marla, I‘m starting to think about the Camino Portuguese, starting on 11 April from Lisbon. I would be interested to hear of any stage/accommodation plans you may have made for the first 4/5 days.
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    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    Really ? getting a “vibe” from attending mass ?
  9. JimG59

    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    If your not religious, in what way does it set the tone ?
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    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    I thought the bus stop in Muxia was very easy to find. Clearly marked on the main road and outside a seafood restaurant, east of the O Porto bar. Google maps will identify its location. I was in both places very recently. Muxia smaller and quieter and a short walk out to the lighthouse and...
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    Six month long journey with three mules and two dogs

    On Friday, just over 500 pilgrims finished the Camino de Santiago in the Plaza del Obradoiro. Some alone, others in a group, by bike, walking, trotting... Johanna Katharina Lungwitz did it together with three mules and two dogs. The 23-year-old German, born in Chemnitz, had been advancing on...
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    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    I think there is only one main road into and out of Fisterra. The road out of Fisterra is on the ocean side.
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    Why I am Considering Leaving This Forum

    Aww schuccks. If you’re leaving, leave. It’s the internet, people are people.
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    Continuing out of Leon March 2023

    I also caught Covid-19 this year on the Camino Frances. Started felling poorly in Najera at the end of September, though only 3 or 4 days later it was confirmed after a test. Fortunately after a bed day in Belorado I managed to carry on with my Camino. As said the path for the last few km’s is...
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    This botafumeiro business.

    The announcer pre mass asks attendees not to photograph / video during mass. The Botafumeiro actually swings when the mass has ended.

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