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    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    I walked the Sanabres from Granja de Moreruela in my 80th year. Averaged around 20klm a day but took a day off once a week. It depends on your fitness level but as long as you know your own limitations I dont think age really matters. Over the past six years I have also walked the CF from SJPDP...
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    Information wanted about Camino Portugues

    I walked from Lisbon in 2016 and loved it. The only difficulty I found was that there were some day that it was necessary to walk in excess of 30kms as there was no accommodation, albergues or hotels available. Otherwise, it was a beautiful walk. Most pilgrims prefer the shorter version starting...
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    Pamplona Dinner Bed and Breakfast

    The stamp in my credential is dated 28th and 29th May. I was walking with a friend who like me is an Aussie. Because of our advanced age we took our time averaging about 22kms a day and took a day off every seven days. I have only walked the CF once but have since completed three more Caminos...
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    Pamplona Dinner Bed and Breakfast

    I walked the CF in May 2015 and I stayed in a pension in Pamplona. I experienced this problem. The noise in the street under my window was deafening and it went on until about 5am.
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    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    My designer label gear all comes from Aldi.
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    Five British Walking Pilgrim Trails (Guardian article)

    It not a pilgrim trail but I would recommend Wainwright's Coast to Coast. It starts in St Bees in Cumbria and finishes in Robin Hood bay in Yorkshire. It is about 200 miles and is a beautiful walk.
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    Walk to Rubiases (CP)

    I walked it in 2016 and dont remember it being too difficult. The uphill with the loose rubble needed careful negotiating but I dont remember it being a very long ascent. I was 76 at that time.
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    walking the Camino aged 79 (the French way)

    I dont think age is a problem as long as you are fit and know your limitations. I walked from SJPP when I was 75. Averaged over 20kms a day and did not have any problems until the last day walking into Santiago when I injured my foot. We started out on 25th May so avoided the heat of July and...
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    On this date in September...

    On this day last year my son and I walked from Santa Marta de Tera on the Sanabres Camino to Villar de Farfon where we stayed at a tiny albergue which I would rate as the best in all of Spain. Six comfortable bed with lovely sheets and pillows and a beautiful bathroom. It is run by the lovely...
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    Camino Portugues Aug/Sept 2020 // Corona - should I take tent?

    It is a great choice to start your walk in Lisbon. I did this walk in 2016 and loved it. There is so many beautiful cities to see before Porto and the people are so friendly. I do not know the current situation regarding accommodation. Not a lot of albergues but the bombeiros (fire brigade)...
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    I’ve been thinking

    John, during this lock-down I have so much enjoyed your virtual caminos 0n YouTube. Many thanks.
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    You CAN walk a virtual Camino in Google Earth!

    John Sikora on YouTube has filmed the entire CF on a speeded-up process of 12x1. It takes about 10 minutes to watch each leg.
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    Stage After Casa da Fernanda

    1 stayed in Ponte de Lima which is a lovely city which you would not want to miss. An occasional short day is good if you have the time.
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    Reverse route

    Yes I carried my bag but only 5 kls. I always travel light.
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    Reverse route

    Last year I tried walking one legs of the Sanabres in reverse. I found it impossible to find the way-markers. I ended up walking down the highway for the entire route.