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    Arrivals in Santiago impacted by the pandemic-some statistics

    For the interest of all those Aussies reading this, in the Holy Years of ; - 2004 there were 480 Aussies 2010 " " 1,191 Aussies 2016 " " 4,441 Aussies (Holy Year of Mercy) and as mentioned in the OP 2021 " " 109 Aussies You might be interested to...
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    Disposable Wipes

    We are not a company that prints credencials - we are an Amigos group (the Australian Friends of the Camino) which has been given permission by the pilgrim authorities in SdC to do so. Along with other information our prospective pilgrims will find useful, we include the following suggestion...
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    Je m'en vais! I'm off!

    Watching your journey with interest Anna. I tend to lurk here in the background. I am glad that you had an enjoyable birthday, and that things are going well even though a few issues with water and waymarks. there is nothing wrong with taking it slower, shortening distance and such like. As...
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    Kumano Kodo

    Just have to add that you need to be VERY careful when walking on the paths - choosing the wrong side with a steep drop off can be treacherous! Not so bad on the Nakahechi route, but on the Kohechi route careless moves can lead to catastrophe! This can be seen below, when my walking partner...
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    Je m'en vais! I'm off!

    Good to hear that you have had such a wonderful time before you begin the walking part of your pilgrimage. The journey you have made to visit and celebrate with friends is part of your pilgrimage, but now, no doubt, the hard work begins! I will await with bated breath to hear what plans you...
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    Curious about the bagpiper in Santiago

    I was fortunate enough to hear pipes played in Asturias. I am a musician, but not a piper, and my memory of observations of the Asturian pipes made at the time is that they are different again to the Galician pipes - but I am happy to be corrected on that one. I seem to recall that at the time...
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    The “Olvidada” for the Olvidado

    This website has details of accommodation along the way (click on the tab "local resources" for each village - not only accommodation info, but also things to see along the way and in the villages). This website also has some good information on it. (you...
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    Australian Friends of the Camino

    Seeing the number of new members on the forum, with some of them being Australian, it occurred to me that some Aussies may not know about the Australian Friends of the Camino (AFotC) which was founded in 2011. I thought I would post some of the benefits of membership. This is not the only group...
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    New list of bonus items to pack?

    I always carry a golf ball! It happens to a bright yellow one. I asked my doctor if one was susceptible to plantar fasiitis once having had it. Her response was "yes - carry a golf ball in your pocket". I don't carry it in my pocket, but it is always easily accessible in my pack and with...
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    90 day tourist limit - Schengen countries

    Yes those bi-lateral trade agreements are a bonus for us. Care has to be taken though. I have used them twice. The first time I was told by the embassy (German) that I only had to leave the country. I did this - leaving Germany and heading towards SDC via Paris, though I had to catch a train...
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    90 day tourist limit - Schengen countries

    I was referring to the previous comment (presumably made in jest) of maybe the UK should be encouraged to join the Schengen. UK not being in the schengen means that we Aussies can come and go (saves coming home) to abide by the 180 day rule for the schengen. I have already spent 6 months...
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    90 day tourist limit - Schengen countries

    As an Aussie I hope that never happens! At least now we can spend 3 months in the Schengen 3 months in UK and then back to the Schengen and so on. It would also scupper plans, like I have, to spend 6 months walking the pilgrimage paths in the UK.
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    Physical End State?

    I don't consider myself super fit and I certainly would not call myself an athlete. I have felt good at the end of the last three pilgrimages I have been on (had sore feet on the ones that I did in my mid 50's!). Just to reassure you that anything is possible - slow and steady, one foot at a...
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    TV program alert for Aussies

    Firstly - greetings Austin. I suspect you are, like me, loitering in the background of the forum these days! Secondly - @Dennis White if you want to find out the route I took through the Western Front paying attention to the Australian sites PM me. When I did the VF I detoured from Ypres...
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    Credential — dual pilgrimage

    Having received the Dual Pilgrimage pin (and certificate) in Japan in October 2019 I can tell you what we did. We took a credencial from one of our caminos in Spain with us and used the credencial you have shown in the original post for our walk on the Kumano Kodo. We also took with us a...
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