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Recent content by jmmavro

  1. J

    Can you imagine it...?

    I stumbled upon this article which, after experiencing my 500km on the Camino in 2018, made my head spin!
  2. J

    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    There is a lot of good advice in this thread, but there are a few other considerations ,which in my experience ( Frances), made a huge difference in bad weather. First, only wear or take things that will not distract your concentration when walking ( a big deal for me at age 70!). A poncho in...
  3. J

    Stress with finding accommodation

    My take as a 69+ pilgrim is why stress over accommodations ? Once I gained the confidence that I could walk 15 or 25K on a daily basis, I made a point of calling ahead thru Booking to get a private room . Just the knowledge of arriving in a town/ village and not fret over where to stay was...
  4. J

    Over Thinking and Planning you Camino

    In my case obsessive planning was fun, informative and very useful because I had never done anything like this before. Regarding packing go light, but when it comes to route planning, I believe that age matters. I knew beforehand that it was very unlikely that I could keep up with any group or...
  5. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    The short answer is yes, but I need to clarify. Because I did not know what to expect on leaving St. Jean, I booked Orisson, and private rooms for the next three nights in Roncevalles, Zubiri and Pamplona. By then, my Camino family ( mostly Brazilians who stayed in dorms) convinced me that...
  6. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    Long/short pants would work fine. I opted for separate shorts and pants because one of them had a chance to be clean! As for the hair dryer, they are very common in private rooms which I booked every 3 days of so, and during those stays I would also do my laundry in the wash basin. A bit crude...
  7. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    Many thanks, mate, for your endorsement. I suppose that my key message is to pay attention to details, because they will matter and if ignored, they will distract one from the extraordinary experience that only the Camino can provide.
  8. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    I carried my GSM iPhone and subscribed to a $10/day unlimited voice and data plan. It was expensive but worth every penny because there were times when I was confused or lost and an app called TrailSmart bailed me out. I also used an app from meteoblue ( Swiss) for very accurate weather...
  9. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    As soon as my wife let's me....!
  10. J

    Equipment that worked for me

    A year ago I made the decision to walk the full Camino Francés, and largely because of this forum I made some good decisions which allowed me to complete the walk this autumn with no injuries, blisters or pain. Needless to say, the journey was an experience of a lifetime because it pushed me...