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Recent content by Jo Jo

  1. Jo Jo

    What Does 'Light' or Ultra-Light Mean

    No, they were saying that they "needed" it. They did not realize it was a choice. One of the spiritual lessons I learned on my very first Camino was exactly how little I actually needed. That lesson allowed me to get rid of enough stuff to move into a Manhattan apartment. I suspect that the...
  2. Jo Jo

    What Does 'Light' or Ultra-Light Mean

    Candidly, I'd change the weight parameters for the Camino. Those weight definitions are typical for backpacking in the U.S. Where we have to carry tents, stoves, and much heavier sleeping bags to deal with cold mountain weather. The Caminio is not backpacking. I can (and do) carry things...
  3. Jo Jo

    LIVE from the Camino On the Primitivo

    We are the Primitivo now. Campiello tonight. First post. Basically the message is that the Primitivo is open enough to be easily do-able by an experienced peregrino/a (with vaccines). Private albergues are open. So are most restaurants/bars. Note Albergue Taxu in La Spina is under new...
  4. Jo Jo

    High Tech Fabrics

    For summer Caminos, I stick with cotton/linen (or blends with a majority cotton). I have those high-tech nylons for backpacking in the US mountains where hypothermia is real and dangerous if you get wet, and I would never use cotton in those environments. During the summer, most Camino routes...
  5. Jo Jo

    Porto to Fatima daytrip?

    We flew into Lisbon, caught a bus to Fatima, paid our respects, then caught another bus to Porto--all in the same day. I seem to recall both bus trips being reasonably short. I think that would be an easy day-trip from Porto.
  6. Jo Jo

    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    Thank you, thank you for the update. I think we are going to look at another Primitivo instead.
  7. Jo Jo

    COVID July 2021 Camino Route Advice

    Based on the EU announcement today, it seems likely that a July Camino will be possible for fully vaccinated US citizens. And if I read the science correctly, at very little risk to either ourselves or anyone we come into contact with (especially with masking when appropriate). My question is...
  8. Jo Jo

    Reaction Scores

    Ah man, I was winning! It's a conspiracy! 🙃 ;)
  9. Jo Jo

    Lightweight Tent Recommendations

    Look at the American cottage manufacturers (I'm not sure about import fees to N.Z.). Zpacks (the standard), but I prefer Tarptent. Also Lightheart Gear. Yuma Gear. Hyperlight Mountain Gear. Mountain Laurel Designs.
  10. Jo Jo

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat is the winner. Best hat for backpacking I've ever found. Lightweight. Folding brim (so easily stowed). Excellent sun coverage.
  11. Jo Jo

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    Only two luxury items I consider "essential": a native american flute (you cannot believe how great it sounds in those old churches), and a camera with a huge image sensor. The flute is often how I pray, and the camera is my art because I can't draw or paint. iphone cameras just cannot...
  12. Jo Jo

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    These will last for a CF or similar Camino. I like them better than the standard tips (which I find poke through after about a week).
  13. Jo Jo

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    I would like to suggest a procedure rather than specific "include X, leave Y" kinds of comments? Get a kitchen scale and weigh everything in grams (to make differences really pop out) and then write them down (I use Just that procedure will, I think, force you to really look...
  14. Jo Jo

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    This is my packing list from a recent Camino. 5kg (11 pounds) and I had lots of extra stuff. With a review discussing whether each item was worth it or not.
  15. Jo Jo

    Wet feet

    I have walked in Keen Arroyo II sandals. They dry very fast because they are basically just a sole with webbing on top. I can no longer use them (not enough cushioning for the big Km days that my wife likes to walk, and not stiff enough for my arthritic big toe), but in the rain they are great.