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  1. jo webber

    Anyone wear white?

    I wore a white long sleeve fishing shirt. Great sun protection, let any breeze through, nicely vented. Fast drying. It stayed white. I wore it everyday.
  2. jo webber

    Leaving the Camino

    I had a wonderful Camino. I was unable to finish due to injuring my knee. The first injury was only 3 days in. So I walked slow and short distances. After a couple of weeks I felt somewhat healed. Then came a 1/2 mile of steep downhill, on pavement. I could no longer walk without extreme pain...
  3. jo webber

    Non-religious staying at Auberges

    Beware. You may begin on vacation and end a pilgrim. Even vacations lend themselves to a deeper awareness.
  4. jo webber

    Is this a sign?

    Telboyo the Drifter, Walk again. Drift without a goal. Walk as if you are homeless, no expectations, no plans, no roots. Go slow. Walk without goals. Look around you, look back, look at your feet on the path. Take the time to see, you have time. Anger is a very heavy stone to carry. Your...
  5. jo webber

    The truth about Camino fashion

    I never felt out of place in my clothes. Pilgrims wear pilgrim clothes.
  6. jo webber

    The truth about Camino fashion

    After the first few days, I stopped looking at my hair. It was clean. Long sleeved fishing shirt, worn over a mid layer and/or a warm base layer as needed. Hiking pants, with leggings under if it was cold. Caftan to wear after my shower and to dinner and to bed. My three pair of socks were all...
  7. jo webber

    For the Women Only...Walking With DD Breasts

    The bra liner looks like a wonderful plan. Although I am small, I live where it is 115F often in the summer months. Five minutes outside and … wet.
  8. jo webber

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    Between Hubby and I we consume 5 cups of coffee in the early mornings. He likes cereal with milk. I don't want food early, but will have a small croissant with butter & jam. Figuring the cost, per cup, at a café we were way ahead paying for breakfast where we spent the night. Second breakfast...
  9. jo webber

    Best Blister Prevention Method - Vote!

    Where and what type of blisters you get are very individual. Hubby walked in hiking boots and regular socks - not one blister. I walked in ECO sandals and hiker socks. While I never got a rubbing type blister, I did get tiny but painful impact blisters. A mole skin donut with cloth tape over it...
  10. jo webber

    Where to take rest days

    Take a rest day when you are tired, before you get injured. Take a tourist day when you walk into a town or city and stand in amazement, want to explore more. It's great to have a plan and wonderful to toss the plan.
  11. jo webber

    Walking the Camino Frances in Sep-Oct

    Sept is when the black berries are ripe. Lots of bushes in the foot hills. :) We were wet and cold for 4 days, then great weather. It did get cooler in the mornings in early Oct. I just layered and unlayered.
  12. jo webber

    Rain issues...Goretex Jacket 670 g vs Rain Jacket 340g

    I used a light weight Sea to Summit poncho. The trick to keeping it from flying around is to use a heavy string/light rope to tie a belt around your waist. I a very small, so most rain gear was too big. My clothes line string was my belt. I also had enough to cut some off and share with others...
  13. jo webber

    Time: a relativity on the Camino

    On Camino, time/place/distance had no meaning for me. It was light and I walked. I was hungry and ate. I was tired and kept walking or could stop for the day. We did make bed reservations due to lots of walkers and fewer beds. Laying in bed in a small village, not knowing what day it was or...
  14. jo webber


    I had my long hair cut very short. No hair brush, comb or spray/gel. I did not look at myself in the mornings lol. After a very short while, I no longer cared what my hair looked like.

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