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    Why so few pilgrims on the camino of Arles. It is a wonderful path in the spirit of Camino.

    Linnea, A French sim card is a good idea and you may find you have to call ahead for the night's lodging. Beware Sundays and Mondays if you want to eat. Carry some backup food. After the 1st of May stores will be closed more frequently for holidays. I have walked from Le Puy in yerds past...
  2. J

    Why so few pilgrims on the camino of Arles. It is a wonderful path in the spirit of Camino.

    Jsalt, Falcon and Jose, thank you for your information. I have walked Le Puy to Santiago, not all in one year, and I expect parts of the Arles route will be more difficult in terrain and perhaps in other ways. I am thinking of taking a phone that will take a French SIM card in case the "free...
  3. J

    Why so few pilgrims on the camino of Arles. It is a wonderful path in the spirit of Camino.

    I am walking from Arles starting in late march this year and given my situation I will need some internet contact daily. In Spain on the French Way this was never a problem but what about this route? I note that some Gites and hotels list internet access in the guide book, is there likely to...
  4. J

    Walking the Arles route?

    I am thinking of the Arles route for next spring. Previously I have walked from Le Puy to Santiago and found food availability in France to be spotty. The villages have lost their retail to the car culture and big stores in cities. Can anyone tell me about the availability of food and beds on...
  5. J

    First lesson?

    Since you are from Australia I would like to note a couple of your countrymen have devised the best hand washing method I have found. They have modified a waterproof bag to do washing and it works great. https://thescrubba.com/
  6. J

    Two Brazilian pilgrims rescued on Route Napoleon

    I hope these people are made to pay the FULL cost of their rescue. It is more expensive than most people realize to maintain and operate a rescue service like this, not even including the risks run by the people doing the rescue. In my younger days I was a backcountry ranger for the National...
  7. J

    Making my preparations and freaking out a little

    You will be fine. Others are never far away should you need help and help will be given. The advice about booking.com is excellent. It solves the language issue. I can put together enough Spanish to ask for a room but the variety of answers and details I could get in return would confuse me...
  8. J

    Transport between Villafranca del Bierzo and Tricastela

    Thank you for your help. If I have to take a "taxi" how would I contact one and what is the general range of cost? Of course I can always wait and just ask those in the area when I am there. In a way I am walking this section in my mind before I get there. It seems anticipation is half the...
  9. J

    Transport between Villafranca del Bierzo and Tricastela

    I will be need to leave the Camino on April 14 or 15 at or near Tricastela to return to Leon. I will return to the Camino where I left off several days later. Buses between Villafranca and Leon are not an issue but what is the best transportation between the bus stop in Villafranca and Tricastela?
  10. J

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    From Le Puy to Cahor I had no guide book and no map. I just followed the markings, white over red. Though I did go the wrong way for a while at least once a day. I used Miam Mian Dodo from Cahor onward and found it was all that I needed. The symbols and maps were easy enough to understand...
  11. J

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    Yes Rellrog, this is the beauty of this kind of travel, and part of the soul of the pilgrimage experience. The pilgrim is reduced to the essentials and we become aware of what is important and grateful for the kindnesses large and small.
  12. J

    How different is walking in France from walking in Spain?

    The Le Puy route is truly beautiful and I'm so glad I walked it, but pack a lunch .. or a lot them. I had trouble getting enough to eat in France, quality aside. Since I can't eat dairy products and stay out of the bushes, I was limited. Add to this France has become a car culture and the...
  13. J

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    I have walked the Le Puy route and found the experience varies with the nature of the countryside I passed through (poorer areas are kinder to pilgrims) and the ratio of pilgrims to holiday hikers. I agree with what is said here about this route. I speak little French and always begin with...
  14. J

    Too light? The G4 Free rucksack

    There are good packs that support adjustment of the shoulder strap attachment point relative to the waist belt. Osprey is one and Deuter is another. They are not cheap but they will adjust very well.
  15. J

    Too light? The G4 Free rucksack

    Well, in my world a 1 pound pack is ultralight. At least compared to what I have carried in other situations. The full frame pack I refer to is an Osprey 68 Litre which I no longer use for the Camino. But on my first Camino I also carried a tent, a stove, etc. as if I were hiking in the...

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