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Recent content by JohnM

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    Blogging from the Camino

    I'm interested in updating a series of posts that appeared on my blog On the way to Santiago a few years ago with some new blogs dealing with different devices people have used and would recommend to others to blog on the go from the Camino. The technology has moved on a bit since 2007, with...
  2. J

    Blogging from the Camino

    For those of you interested in maintaining a blog while you walk the Camino, over at On the way to Santiago, I've just started a series of posts on blogging from the road with some practical suggestions on how to make blogging your journey easier. Anyone who has experiences of their own that...
  3. J

    pilgrim meltdown

    Buena I truly hope you find peace on the Camino. If it's any consolation (and it usually isn't in the moment) many have passed through what you're going through (including myself) and come out the other end intact! Hang in there. You're going to meet some wonderful people on the Camino...
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    Seasons Greetings

    Happy new year to you all or as we say in Maltese: Nawguralkom ilkoll sena ġdida mimlija riżq u hena :D John
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    Seasons Greetings to all on this list

    Nixtiqilkom ilkoll il-Milied it-tajjeb. :D John
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    I can confirm everybody else's advice here. "Ibuprofena", as it's called in Spain was available without the need for a prescription and at a relatively low cost. I was taking it for a sore back and discovered after I stopped taking it for that complaint that it sometimes masks problems...
  7. J

    Some pretty silly questions.

    Thanks Artemis for opening this thread. Nothing silly about these questions. They're as essential to talk about as buying backpacks or shoes and what season to walk the Camino in. Cilento, I have a terrible fear of dogs too. I have now walked the Camino francés two times. Because of my...
  8. J

    Road proposal would remove Camino from World Heritage Sites

    And rightly so in my opinion. The current construction boom in Spain (not just roads) appears to have no internal limitations and certainly does not seem justified by Spain's low birth rates. Perhaps some external pressure might provide an incentive to halt the encroachment on previously...
  9. J

    Reading suggestions for the Camino

    Hi all Some of you will already know from my previous posts on this forum that I've been running a series of articles on my blog on different Camino topics of interest (such as Readjusting to life post-Camino, Music for the Camino and Blogging on the Camino). I've just posted another...
  10. J

    Travelling with baby

    Hi all When I walked the Camino francés this year in September, I met an Argentinian woman with her one-year old daughter. There were a few problems. Heat (even in September) as well as getting access to medical attention when the baby fell a little ill at Puente La Reina. At the time...
  11. J

    Blogging from the Camino

    Hi all To those of you interested in keeping a blog while walking the Camino, have a look at this post I’ve just added to my blog: http://la-via-lattea.blogspot.com/2006/ ... amino.html It mentions some of the difficulties I recently encountered in trying to maintain a blog on the road in...
  12. J

    Goodbye to my walking friends

    Hi all I’ve just got back from Santiago after walking the Camino francés. The people I met were just wonderful and were the highlight of the Camino for me. Despite the Camino rush phenomenon and my last 100km coinciding with the busy 12 Oct Spanish public holiday, I was really impressed...
  13. J

    Too hot for vikings

    LOL Liv I'm in Logroño today and since SJPdP have met quite a few Danes who have all suffered terribly from the heat. But in fairness, I live in Rome which is quite a hot and humid city and was still unprepared for this hot weather in September. And I haven't hit the meseta yet...
  14. J

    A journey against quite a few odds

    Dear Liv And I thought I was the only one. As I write, I am in bed trying to recover from a pulled muscle in my back. I injured myself at home the day before I was supposed to leave! I have rescheduled for 5 Sept and like you I'm a little worried I won't make it. But I now intend to...
  15. J

    I'm just a little excited!

    A day and a half to go. And I haven't started packing yet. Thanks to all who've given me such helpful advice here. I hope to see some of you on the road. Buen camino :D John