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    Sea to Summit poncho - reviews?

    I really like my S2S Ultra-Sil poncho. Not sure if they are the same as those noted above but mine has snaps down each side to fasten it leaving large spaces in between for air to circulate. In retrospect, mine may be referred to as a tarp poncho because it can be used also as a tarp to cover...
  2. J


    I’ve seen/heard it many times too. It really is sad that they are so fortunate to actually be on the Camino and yet they waste their time and energy worrying about things that have no affect on them instead of admiring the great beauty around them and the immense opportunity within them...
  3. J

    meals at Roncesvalles

    Different part of the facility. The new Albergue is closest to the point you arrive at from SJPDP while the one room usually allocated for the winter is in a old section on the right as you pass under the breeze way as you exit the facility towards Burgette. The new has beautiful sections of...
  4. J

    Liner versus sleeping bag

    There were some pretty cold nights especially at higher elevations. I was thankful to have my down quilt and at 1.5lbs it wasn’t a big burden to carry.
  5. J

    meals at Roncesvalles

    Casa Sabina was open mid-January for dinner only. We had to make reservations for a meal time (not many seats available) but food was hot and excellent!
  6. J

    Comment by 'jozero' in media 'My Wife and Plaza Kitty in Ponferrada Near Old Town Statue'

    Wouldn’t that be funny however mine was in 2013 and was a tabby. Will scour my files as I have a nice photo of her somewhere! Great photo, thanks for sharing.
  7. J

    Comment by 'jozero' in media 'Ponferrada'

    I found myself sat on the sidewalk outside a panaderia one day for lunch one day and the local cat just came and plopped herself on my lap and had a nap in the afternoon sun. Lunch took an hour that day as I didn’t have the heart to move and wake her up!
  8. Ponferrada


    Statue in Old Town Ponferrada.
  9. J

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    This forum exists to discuss Camino subjects. Sounding flippant adds no value to such a discussion and makes me wonder why you would write it if you already knew it would sound flippant. Perhaps the Tao of Thumper would be an appropriate guideline to follow...
  10. J

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Hi again, Regardless of all the fancy words, you are still mistaken. A handheld gps takes a reading every few minutes using trilateration from a number of satellites, marking a position. The time between these readings and the difference between the positions calculates the distance between the...
  11. J

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Hi @simply B - I think you may have mixed these two ideas up. A GPS can only measure the distance of the actual trail that you walk as it marks your position at designated intervals from a satellite signal, the sum of these intervals makes up your total distance walked.
  12. J

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Hi Timr- I can find nothing about ‘Official Routes’ on their website, only a reference that a Pilgrimage is from the place you start to the resting place of Santiago. With a total distance of 263kms walked with no break I can’t see how you could not qualify. Plus a long-time volunteer, t2andreo...
  13. J

    Bladder vs water bottle

    I use a 2-litre bladder and carry a collapsible water bottle for extra if needed. One benefit I’ve found is that the bladder tube on my shoulder strap reminds me to drink water all throughout the day and if I drink less than 2 litres a day I am reminded to give myself a stern talking to at the...
  14. J

    Winter Camino Equipment Dilemma.

    Another vote for blanket and not the pocket rocket. I’d also consider dumping one pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks and adding a pair of Merino long underwear which help with warmth during the cold days and add a good bit of warmth when they turn off the heater in the Albergue at night...

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