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  1. KariC

    Lightweight sleeping bag October - November 2020

    I purchased, but ultimately did not bring, an ultra lightweight fleece one-layer sleeping sack in lieu of a more layered, lined/filled sleeping bag. I was fine in Sept., when I walked, with silk long underwear the few nights it was chilly. But you might look at that rather than a traditional...
  2. KariC

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    I have the fondest memory of this bar - just outside the Cathedral and up a flight of stairs- I was waiting for Spanish and Portuguese friends who were at the evening mass, and so happy to be where I was. It was so peaceful and joyful.
  3. KariC

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    It really depends on your feet. The right trail runner for you is the one that fits your feet best. I love my hokas for walking around town, but I don't think they would be enough support for the Camino. Hundreds if not thousands, think they're perfect for the Camino. The right answer is which...
  4. KariC

    Best One Day Walk on Any Camino?

    Camino de Agua y Piedras, Variante Espiritual, Camino Portugués! r
  5. KariC

    Should I pack my kindle?

    My kindle was worth every gram! I walked the Camino for my 60th BD, and so my eyes aren't good enough to read novels on my phone - needed the larger screen. On the flights, in albergues at night, and during lunch breaks if I was walking alone, it was great. Highly recommend bringing it.
  6. KariC

    August 2020 looking for some advice

    I hiked the Caminho Portugues as a solo traveler, albeit older than you, and had absolutely no trouble meeting people. Granted, things could be different this year, but it was really important to me to have the flexibility of deciding how far and which route I wanted to go (coastal, central...
  7. KariC

    A massive thanks to Ivar.

    De acuerdo!! Thank you so much for maintaining this forum and for everything you do!
  8. KariC

    Portugese Coastal route starting March 3

    1. Is it better to start at Porto or Tui for a fulfilling experience? What is recommended for 1st time? Definitely start in Porto, or even farther south than that, since you have three weeks. Some of the most amazing part of that is south of Tui. 2. I generally dont like cold weather. Will...
  9. KariC


    I walked with Dirty Girl Gaitors - incredibly lightweight, and they come in hundreds of colors/patterns, so men can wear them too. They're good at keeping debris out; keeping laces tied, and keeping feet dry. They might not work for a prolonged deluge, but work for lighter rain.
  10. KariC

    Sleeping bag liner

    I don't know the brand, but that's what I used, too - cut far enough down so getting out at night wasn't a problem. If you do end up cutting yours, do the sewing before the cutting - if you feel you need to be able to seal it at all, I like the velcro buttons suggestion above - a stip of...
  11. KariC

    Partial coastal or full inland route?

    I did it the way you are proposing, and it was great. Being from the desert, I thought I would want to go longer along the ocean, but I am actually thrilled that' I followed some people I met up with inland.
  12. KariC

    Help with beautiful spots for making a proposal (of marriage!)

    Camino de agua y piedras, along the variante espiritual! El Camino de agua y piedras, along the variante espiritual!
  13. KariC

    To plan or not to plan?

    I've only done the Português, but my understanding is that the albergues along that route are smaller than the ones along the Francés. It only takes one or two loud people to mess up your sleep, but to the extent that being around 100s of people contributed to the problem, you might find the...
  14. KariC

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    Thanks, everyone, for this very helpful information - my own trip, starting from Le Puy, is very much in the dreaming phase, not having moved onto planning, so it's great info. A question: everyone seems to assume that making reservations at some point is advisable. My question is whether...
  15. KariC

    First-timer looking for Advice

    Hi, Caroline, I think you're approaching it just right. Going with the flow was a complete change from my normal self and normal life, and it was entirely do-able on the Camino. I also decided to walk the coastal route, but changed my mind to switch to the Central route, and then on a...

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