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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. KariC

    Injections for osteoarthritis in knees

    I got many of those injections in my knee, about every 6-9 months, for years before getting my replacement. Excellent results - within a day or two I'd be back to walking without pain, and they last for months.
  2. KariC

    Casa Fernanda

    What they all said. Staying with Fernanda was one of the highlights of my Caminho. Also, could be she's off or a few weeks since this is the off season for pilgrims. Try again in a month or two - I booked one or two days in advance with her in September, w/o problem.
  3. KariC

    Walking from Vigo

    While I don't disagree that the experience of walking is what is most important, everyone's camino is unique. When I did it, walked the first few days with two French speaking women - one of them and I jumped an industrial city - taking a taxi about 6-7 miles on a particularly long stage, and...
  4. KariC

    Variante Espiritual

    I was told there was nowhere. I couldn't find anywhere, and asked in a bar/cafe just off the camino and again in the town - nada. Maybe people misinformed me, but they were locals. So no clue.
  5. KariC

    Carry on backpack?

    I hiked with and carried on the Osprey Exos 58 - super light weight and just the right size for me.
  6. KariC

    Coastal or Inland Portugese Route?

    No "best." And starting that early, you don't need to commit - start along the coast if you thing that interests you, and you can move inland to the Central at several spots if you want to try that.
  7. KariC

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    I agree. The other caminos are the paths less trodden - 80% of the people who walk, walk the Francés. I loved the Português, and would not want the crowds and huge albergues of the Francés. Also, would never have caught you're not a native speaker - your English is superb!! Buen camino!
  8. KariC

    New Knees - User Experiences Please

    I had a knee replacement (one knee) in 2014 biked for 7 days in Ireland six months later, then hiked the Camino in 2016. VERY VERY successful replacement - the keys are prehab and rehab. Get in the best shape possible - including, if appropriate, losing weight, but get your legs as strong as...
  9. KariC

    Advice on coastal route from Porto versus internal route

    The Variante Espiritual was my favorite part of the trip - the Camino de Agua y Piedras leaving Armenteira is spectacular, mystical, wonderful, and the boat ride up the Río Ulla the same.
  10. KariC

    Advice on coastal route from Porto versus internal route

    You can do both. The most common way is to walk one day along the coastal, to Vila do Conde, then cut inland, but there are places north of there where it's doable also. I live in the desert, so anticipated wanting to do the coastal, but at VdC switched, and am eternally grateful to my French...
  11. KariC

    Advice to New Walkers: Leave Cherished Items at HOME!

    Always when I travel abroad, my diamond engagement ring stays home. I keep the simple wedding band on my finger, which I think would be a much less attractive target.
  12. KariC

    Enjoying regional wine on the Camino

    I actually enjoyed just ordering "un vino" and seeing what I got - never disappointed! And one of the coolest things in hiking the Portugues was not only walking alongside the stunning arbors lining the fields, but tasting the wines - usually vinho verde - that were made by the people who grow...
  13. KariC

    Compostella (I meant Credencial)

    Yo también.
  14. KariC

    Any special albergues not to be missed?

    I agree on Casa Fernanda and the Last Stamp. Loved them both, in very different ways! Don't know the A.A.
  15. KariC

    Solo women on Camino Portugues- advice please

    I walked solo 2 years ago. Not only did I have no problems; at one point I tried to do a stage and a half, ending in a city along the variante espiritual which google and a tourist agency told me had lodging. Turns out it didn't. I accepted a ride to a city with lodging several miles away...

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