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Recent content by Katia Taam

  1. Katia Taam

    Luggage Storage Questions

    Thanks Ivar
  2. Katia Taam

    Luggage Storage Questions

    I´m sending you a suitcase from Le Puy using SendmyBag. How do I pay for the storage?
  3. Katia Taam

    LIVE from the Camino BombayBill from SJPP

    So if you did not have the QR you wont be in he EasyJet fly? I am afraid of not been able to get into the train... I am arriving in Lyon and train to Le Puy... I've applied for the QR on August 13...
  4. Katia Taam

    Travel Insurance for an Irishman Help!

    I´ve been traveling to Europe all my life and I always use Allianz. They are all over Europe and they are extremely efficient. I needed help 2019 when I had a bad knee injurie walking the Portuguese way and they help me finding a doctor near were I was and also a magnetic resonance and, best of...
  5. Katia Taam

    O Cebreiro Casa Navarro

    They are on
  6. Katia Taam

    LIVE from the Camino WOW what a different Le Puy, and I like it!!!

    I´ll be there in September !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait..................
  7. Katia Taam

    eSIM card for iphone

    Nowadays the sim card works in all EU, no roaming. I have a Vodaphone sim xard I've bought 5 years ago and use it all over Europe .
  8. Katia Taam

    Dangerous dog before Triacastela

    Just have some kind o spray, a deodorant will do. Dogs are always afraid of smelly sprays. My parentes had lots of dogs - big ones - and they always solved fights with deodorant spray.
  9. Katia Taam

    First time camino walker requesting information

    I think there are no buses from he airport to the bus station. From bus station to SJPP you can see timetable here
  10. Katia Taam

    Day pack questions

    For the last 3 caminos I had to use luggage transport as I have a shoulder injury and I can't carry weigh for long time. The best solution I've found is to have my osprey exos with me with al things I'll need for the day and send a bag with everything else. The big advantage is I travel with my...
  11. Katia Taam

    The "barra" and the life in Spain nowadays

    Yes, but I also stay at hostels and hotels. Also I do stay an extra day at Burgos and Leon. When I think about night I am thinking of some cañas or some wine, not really "night" as young people, I am 69. I love the way Spanishs go out... they do it if they are 20 or 70... they go to a bar and...
  12. Katia Taam

    The "barra" and the life in Spain nowadays

    I miss it só much !!!!!!
  13. Katia Taam

    The "barra" and the life in Spain nowadays

    Thanks Ivar and Chef66. I love nights at Spain..
  14. Katia Taam

    The "barra" and the life in Spain nowadays

    I'll stay some days at Santiago were I do intend to go out at night. Even during the caminho I do go to a bar to have a caña or some wine. I''ll stay 2 months at Spain after the camino so...