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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Recent content by Kevin Malinak

  1. Kevin Malinak

    Another mystery photo

    If it was taken with a modern camera, such as a cellphone, It will likely have "location data" embedded into the file. Have a look, it will be there, unless you had "location OFF"
  2. Kevin Malinak

    Why do my feet hurt? Metatarsal tales

    You sparked a memory... I had a strange pain in both feet for the last 3/4 of the Camino... It was in the back area of both heels. It didn't bother me during the day, just at night, got so bad that I had to put something under the lower legs to lift my feet (heels) from pressing on the bed...
  3. Kevin Malinak

    Training on a treadmill.

    YES, I have a treadmill, and used it heavily in training for my Camino!!! It is AWESOME!!!
  4. Kevin Malinak

    Don't grow up: It's a trap.

    re: "Don't grow up" YES!!! per Matthew 18:3, ... and {Jesus} said, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. We should all become/stay more like children!!! in their many innocent ways, but specifically in humility...
  5. Kevin Malinak

    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    Thank you for your post, It got me to thinking of this again. I also have a very strong desire to walk the Camino this late summer/fall... (It would be my second, the first was very early spring 2018) I have "zero" personal fear of catching Covid. "I will either get it or not" I leave it into...
  6. Kevin Malinak

    Sleeping in a dorm room where there's someone with a CPAP

    I have slept in close proximity to CPAP user, and I is NO problem!!! It is very slight sound. Not at all a problem to sleep. Please do not hesitate to use your machine.
  7. Kevin Malinak

    COVID When will we go back to normal?

    Don't worry:. This too shall pass. Also:. Romans 5, 3-4
  8. Kevin Malinak

    Camino Covid survey

    I've been wanting to ask this question ever since i saw it on the questionnaire when at the pilgrim office in Santiago... but never have. What is the difference between "Religious" reasons and "Spiritual" reasons? for walking the Camino. (I had thought they were pretty much the same thing)...
  9. Kevin Malinak

    Camino Covid survey

    Gabriel, Thank you for doing this, You have great questions in your survey.
  10. Kevin Malinak

    British Pilgrimage Trust looking for "test walkers"

    I would love to do this, but would be most likely to do it if these walks could be joined together towards a convenient crossing point into France... Certainly not right away, but yes when the world gets back to reasonable state. Blessings, -kevin-
  11. Kevin Malinak

    The Packa

    I got one for my 2018 early spring CF. I am extremely pleased with it, especially that you can put it on your pack as if it's just a pack cover, then when it starts raining, put it on without even stopping walking. Then take off the jacket part while still walking (put/flip it back onto the...
  12. Kevin Malinak

    Staying in Albergues

    We made every Sunday a rest day.... Which was a short distance... "half days", roughly 2 to 8 miles when we were averaging around 15. This truly felt as if we didn't walk at all that day. It was also to make sure we made it to Sunday Mass.
  13. Kevin Malinak

    Poll How many km/miles per day do you use to walk in average?

    For me, The polls are a source for a fun trivia!
  14. Kevin Malinak

    Poll Do you walk alone or together with others?

    The first time, I walked it with a good friend, but next time I will walk it alone.
  15. Kevin Malinak

    Poll How many km/miles per day do you use to walk in average?

    Overall, We averaged about 13 miles per day between St jean pied de Port to Santiago. But that was with taking Sundays off (only walking 4 to 8 Miles on Sundays)(Usually to make sure we made it to a place to go to Sunday Mass)