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  1. Keyes

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Hi Mannoll! Sorry I've been slow in replying. After studying Dave Whitson's excellent guidebook "The Camino Ingles and the Ruta do Mar", I was concerned about distances and availability of accomodations on the do Mar under pandemic conditions. The same concerns led me to walk the Inverno instead...
  2. Keyes

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Walked my first camino at 73. Now 78 and planning 6th and 7th this year: Inglese (possibly starting from Ruta do Mar) this month, then Primitivo in August.
  3. Keyes

    Attracting attention with my face mask

    I bought two and also the new 1:1,250,000 Camino map. All arrived last week. Great masks and map!!!
  4. Keyes

    American pilgrims may be interested in this page...

    Where are you in Texas? REI in San Antonio has several Camino classes yearly. Staff have all heard of the Camino, although they have more AT / PCT / camping experience. They are very helpful advising equipment choices without pushing based on any particular personal experience. There were many...
  5. Keyes

    Best Mobile Phone SIM card and plan in Europe?

    Pick up a sim card at your arrival airport in Spain. The services there are experienced with tourists needs, and have excellent 30 day deals. Over the last few years I've used both Vodaphone and Orange sims this way. If a "top up" is needed, it can be done at most supermarkets in Spain. Also...
  6. Keyes

    Please Help! On del Norte now.

    I just finished the Norte a few days ago. I had both the book and the app. If you select “Guide by regions” in the app menu you can basically read the book there and get explanations of the options. Red or Blue can be a daily choice based on your own criteria. Someone may have already posted...
  7. Keyes

    New Book on Amazon

    The website you’ve told us to check out “” requires a login. Are you going to share that? Or fix your link? Or what?
  8. Keyes

    Meeting forum members on the Norte

    I know a lot of icons, but haven’t met anyone from the forum face-to-face. I started the Camino del Norte from Irun today and will be in San Sebastián for the next day or two. If you see an old guy with Salomon hikers, Leki poles, a well-worn red Osprey Kestral 38, and an occasional North Face...
  9. Keyes

    Some things a little over the top.

    Please do! It may ward off some of the whiners.
  10. Keyes

    Phone the hotel direct and ask for the pilgrim discount ...

    Semantics may be the death of us all. . . . also self-righteousness
  11. Keyes

    Urban myths about boots and backs— are there others?

    I wear trail runners when running trails, thickly cushioned Brooks and Hoka when running streets, and the same model of Salomon hiking boots (replaced annually) that have worked comfortably for me for years. I've rolled ankles in each situation, but never to the point of injury. Similarly, I...
  12. Keyes

    I probably won’t do this again

    I believe that few -- very, very, very few -- of the "annoyers" cited in this thread are doing whatever they do with the intent to deliberately annoy or disturb anyone. SO, maybe the solution is to ban "whiners" 🤣
  13. Keyes

    Guides and maps

    Thanks for the tip @tarasis. Just checked both sites. The new volume description raises its measure of the Norte from 817km to 822km, interesting. Regardless, I usually "find" ways (missed arrows, inadvertent detours, etc.) to add at least 10% to every Camino. I'll be watching for the Kindle...
  14. Keyes

    Via di Francesco

    Yep, that's Italy ;)