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  1. Kimberley Hall

    Walking Del Norte with young children, possible?

    Thanks everyone. Maybe need to delay a few years. Blessings. Buen Camino xxx
  2. Kimberley Hall

    Walking Del Norte with young children, possible?

    Pilgrims!!!! I walked the del Norte route back in 2016. I still think about my experience every day. Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim ey! Well a lot has changed since my last walk including bringing two beautiful souls into the world. I’m thinking I’d love to walk the del Norte route again...
  3. Kimberley Hall

    What was the hardest part of the Camino de Santiago?

    Coming home :(
  4. Kimberley Hall

    Life as a forever Pilgrim...

    I've just logged on for the first time since writing this and I can't believe the number of replies. Thank you everyone for taking the time. It just goes to show that no matter where we are, or when we walked the Camino family is forever together :) Buen Camino xx
  5. Kimberley Hall

    What will be the next one...#help

    Del Norte...simply amazing :) I'll be doing the Primitivo next year!! Can't wait. Learning how to live in the "real" world is so hard. I'm 3 weeks back and just taking it day by day!
  6. Kimberley Hall

    Life as a forever Pilgrim...

    When I was told walking the Camino di Santiago would change my life, you can’t blame me for having my doubts. That’s a very bold statement. I consider myself to be quite a conscious person. Awake to the separations of society, aware of thoughts distinguishable from the soul and filtered to the...
  7. Kimberley Hall

    Post Camino Blues

    27 days, 602km, one trip to hospital and the best time of my life! People said before I walked the Camino Del Norte that this experience would change my life. Well they were not wrong. I arrived back yesterday and I don't know where I fit in this life I had before. Feeling very blue and dying to...
  8. Kimberley Hall

    Pre-Camino Jitters!

    Your words are so kind all of you. I've just done my final pack. And feeling much better. Just making sure everything is sorted in the real world then tonight I can focus for the walk. Excitement is weighing more than the anxiety now. Who knows what I will encounter but I do know whatever I...
  9. Kimberley Hall

    Pre-Camino Jitters!

    Good evening all :) 2 sleeps to go till I start my first Camino, taking the northern route. Getting a mixture of nervous & excitement! I'm thinking this is completely normal? Eeeekkk!!!
  10. Kimberley Hall

    36 days, 5 hours and 29 minutes...

    Thank you for your post Pete, this brought tears to my eyes. It's so wonderful to be chatting to such like minded people. Buen Camino and God Bless you :)
  11. Kimberley Hall

    36 days, 5 hours and 29 minutes...

    Starting in Bilboa...I so hope to see you on the path. Just over a week to go. Buen Camino :)
  12. Kimberley Hall

    Phone advice please....

    Good evening all you lovely pilgrims, In a week I'll be setting off to walk the Camino del Norte. I've decided not to take any device that has internet. I have a old phone just in case of emergencies, that literally text and calls. I'm not sure whether to take a UK sim, or to buy one there. I...
  13. Kimberley Hall

    A few tips for new pilgrims

    This is an amazing post - thank you for sharing :)
  14. Kimberley Hall

    36 days, 5 hours and 29 minutes...

    Gracias Peter. Best of luck with your walk. I'm so excited for you and us all.
  15. Kimberley Hall

    36 days, 5 hours and 29 minutes...

    I couldn't agree more. Buen Camino Nanette :)
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