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Recent content by koknesis

  1. koknesis

    Wine fountain and more

    Sure, the wine fountain is iconic, but unfortunately the wine from it may just upset the stomach.. In contrast, a bottle of genuine Irache Crianza from the next door tienda for 5-7€ is well worth to be taken for relaxing dinner in Los Arcos.
  2. koknesis

    Keen Newport H2

    Trekking sandals are great on CF in June regardless of the brand. The latest is more related to the anatomy of a pilgrim's feet :) My feet favourites are: ECCO Yak closed toe, Merrell All Out Blaze, Keen Newport However like with all kind footwear one needs to check them out before hitting the...
  3. koknesis

    Camino tent? Bought this - £18.95 delivered (25usd)

    I read 1 person is 1.8kg. I also would consider a possibility that the rain may start in middle of the night 😬..
  4. koknesis

    Camino tent? Bought this - £18.95 delivered (25usd)

    I would be a little suspicious about a “festival” tent from eBay.. it may last not very long. There are some alternatives on Amazon, at least one can read a feedback on these, like
  5. koknesis

    Bose frames (listening to music on the Camino)

    Look cool... but you are right, why to bring one more power thirsty gadget on the Camino? btw, putting cell phone in the flight mode while walking saves its charge considerably.
  6. koknesis

    Are spikes needed in February in the Meseta?

    I consider the Messeta mostly flat. If I remember correctly, then the steepest slope was when leaving Castrojeriz on that stretch, but a real ice is unlikely there. A slip on muddy path perhaps...
  7. koknesis

    My Unorthodox Trekking Pole Technique

    Indeed, people have walked with a staff for ages and involvement of upper limbs have additional benefit of relieving the stress from the lower ones. Confirmed. 😎
  8. koknesis

    My Unorthodox Trekking Pole Technique

    There are different techniques for different pace, terrain etc.. Actually it is a fun to mix them according the needs: How to get the hang of trekking poles? The Nordic Striding is very enjoyable ... just for training, of course :cool:
  9. koknesis

    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    Right, actually there is an option to go for a nice pre-Camino trekking, for instance the circular trail of crests :) … of course, this ads an extra day, but then again, why not extend the pleasure of walking in Pyrenees ..
  10. koknesis

    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    It depends on personal preferences and weather conditions imho. If long distances are not among usual activities, then perhaps an easy first day might be considered. However starting Napoleon route early in a beautiful morning one may reach Orison in two hours or so. Roncesvalles by 1pm then...
  11. koknesis

    Is the Camino for the poor??

    Obviously the Camino is for everyone! But there is another side of the coin. A pilgrim is expected to spend the money on the Camino. At least a donation. Guess who has said “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”?
  12. koknesis

    Solo Vía de la Plata

    Exactly! Never approach a cow at calving time!
  13. koknesis

    Solo Vía de la Plata

    Great! VdlP is the right place then :) In early June of 2017 the heat was testing all the limits between Sevilla and Merida. About 6 l of water dayly and electrolyte supplements required. There was no shadow to stop and cool down, so some water was going straight on the hat and shirt. So the...
  14. koknesis

    The Camino

    Thank you for your words! I know the feeling... Epiphany over here is regarded as a turning point between the Christmas joy and the brand new year standing in front of us for one more time ...
  15. koknesis

    Camino “families” - how cliquey or impenetrable are they mid-way through a Camino?

    I usually find myself being torn between “home sweet home” where actually my family is and “Camino sweat Camino” where nobody is a stranger … 😎