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Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
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  1. L Squared

    Bringing things home from Santiago — what to buy?

    I brought home Magno Classic bars of soap. Made in Spain, black in color, light fragrance. Sort of weird bathing with black bars of soap. But it lathers up with nice white foam and has a light fragrance that would suite both men and women. Magno Classic also comes as a bath gel that is...
  2. L Squared

    Help a sister out - I have no thigh gap

    I've been wearing the mens Give-N-Go boxers under my Macabi skirt with a little body glide and it has been working well for me. It is good to find your solution before you go to Spain as I had a difficult time finding something that fit me while walking the camino.
  3. L Squared

    Keeping this valuable forum viable - donations

    I must also be a Caminoholic. I thought the camino was going to be a one shot deal but I'm in the planning stage for a second. So renewed my membership for another 4 years.
  4. L Squared

    Planning for a second Camino.

    Planning for a second Camino.
  5. L Squared

    Plus size lightweight clothing Women's

    I'm also plus size and had a Macabi skirt which worked well for the camino. They have up to size XXL, check their website. I really like the Columbia Tamiami II shirts in either short or long sleeve and they have sizes up to 3X. Pants are always difficult. I've been purchasing men's but...
  6. L Squared

    Favourite Shirt?

    I took a long sleeve Columbia Tamiami II on my camino and it worked our very well for me. On hot days wore it alone and on cold days with a wool t-shirt underneath. I'm 5 cm shorter than you and had a womens 2x size shirt. It fit me fine and seemed generous in width and length. I really...
  7. L Squared

    Transportation from Pamplona to SJPP

    Big thumbs up to Corozon Puro. For a little more than the price of the bus ticket you all get a comfortable night sleep, plus a wonderful dinner and breakfast in the morning. They have a website where you can book the pickup service and overnight stay. They deliver you to SJPDP the next...
  8. L Squared

    Help a sister out - I have no thigh gap

    I like the Ex officio mens boxer briefs under my Macabi skirt to prevent chaffing. This is something you should try to resolve before leaving. I had this problem on my camino and had a very difficult time finding something that fit that was suitable. Also used some anti-chaffing sports cream...
  9. L Squared

    Renting/Passing on Equipment

    I did this. Found a very small box and packed my poles and Swiss Army knife with corkscrew and check this small box only. Then carried on my pack with everything else. Worked great and if something had gone wrong it would have just been the poles and knife which could have been replaced.
  10. L Squared

    For Sale/Wanted Used Macabi Skirt Wanted-Size SMALL (R or L length)

    Watch Ebay. There have been several size small during the last two months.
  11. L Squared

    Ferrino Trekker Improvements

    Tom, Unfortunately I won't be going into production with the new design rain gear. I may be ambitious enough to make one for myself with the improvements if I do another camino where the weather is expected to be cold and rainy, including lighter non-metalized fabric, like the Sil Nylon with a...
  12. L Squared

    What do you do when your toe nails come off?

    I put a small piece of tape over each toenail I lost to keep my socks from catching the toenail and to protect from the top of my shoe rubbing when going on steep downhills.
  13. L Squared

    Ferrino Trekker Improvements

    I think the Ferrino Trekker design, with the pit zips, open wrists, improved chest vents, two way zipper up the front, and a back vent, made out of the super thin Sil- Nylon fabric that the Sea to Summit poncho is made from would be ideal. The Sil Nylon fabric is much lighter than the metalized...
  14. L Squared

    Drawstring bag to hold backpack

    United Airlines provided me with a plastic bag to ship my pack as checked luggage on my return flight. I carried on my pack on my way to Spain.
  15. L Squared

    Homemade Down Blanket from Recycled Materials

    Post Camino update on the performance of the down blanket I made and used on my camino. The little down blanket I made very lightweight to carry and warm but lightweight for sleeping under. I used it with a silk sleep sack and had little tie downs so the blanket did not slip off the silk sleep...