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Recent content by lanval

  1. lanval

    shoe lace tying!

    Hello, Perhaps not the exact site you are looking for, but these two pages are great: 41 Different Ways To Lace Shoes 21 Ways To Lace Shoes With Lugs
  2. lanval

    Joyce on the Camino

    My sister-in-law Joyce is on her way to St. Jean from Paris as I type. Her walk will start tomorrow or the day after; almost 5 years to the day that I started my walk. I hope her Camino is a wonderful as mine was! If anyone in the Class of 2013 currently on the Way meets up with her, please say...
  3. lanval

    FIRST TIME - 21 Year Old Girl Canadian

    Hello Georgia, I’m from Winnipeg and I walked in 2008 during April and May. I was also excited and terrified as it was my first major trip and I was undertaking without my wife. On top of that, flying terrifies me. :-) In Canada you can get your pilgrim's passport (credential) here...
  4. lanval

    Has the Camino helped your career?

    I think that will will help with some and not with others. I figure you may prefer to work for a company that finds endevour a positive event, so it will most likely be in your favour! It depends on the business culture and the individuals you deal with as well. My company was so enthusiastic...
  5. lanval

    The movie The Way opens up in Canada November 4th

    I'm lucky enough to have a pass for the Winnipeg premier tonight. Very much looking forward to it!
  6. lanval

    Getting from Santiago to Madrid

    I took the overnight train. It was relatively cheap and I was able to pick up the ticket the same day, but I must admit it was not the most comfortable ride. It was the oldest train I have ever ridden in Spain. Teh bus might have more comfortable seating...
  7. lanval

    Camino de Santiago - a wake up call

    The sound of morning birds and distant church bells. Lovely way to wake up. :D
  8. lanval

    Biarritz Airport to Biarritz train station?

    This was my route as well. Right outside the airport you will find a string of taxis. It was a short, speed trip, about 8-10 minutes of winding streets. I don't actually remember the cost, which tends to make me think it was a fair price.
  9. lanval

    which airline to use in France and Spain?

    On our trip we had a very bad experience with Spanair. I really couldn't recommend them. Strangely enough, Berlin Air (if they service the cities you need) was quite good.
  10. lanval

    CBC radio spot about Camino

    The CBC radio show Tapestry has done a show about Arthur Paul Boers' walk. From the show notes: Arthur Paul Boers likes to say of his pilgrimage in Spain: "I once walked 500 miles to go to church!" Boers is a Mennonite minister, associate professor of pastoral theology at Associated Mennonite...
  11. lanval

    shops etc open on Sundays and May festival days?

    When I was walking in 2008, we noticed that there was a large influx of Spanish pilgrims around the long weekends in May. A local mentioned that it is a popular time to get 3-5 days walk in on the Camino by taking an extra day off around the weekend. It made finding accommodation a little bit...
  12. lanval

    Hiking and Gore-Tex

    I wore Keen Targhees when I walked in 2008. I did find them a bit warm, but as a person with wide (EE) feet they were great. Keen does wide well while I find most other manufacturers don't do it as well. Note though, I used a pair that were about 2-weeks old before I started the Camino, just...
  13. lanval

    Need to buy a Poncho in Leon

    I bought my altus jacket there, nice people. There was a nice little restaurant just left of it that was nice as well.
  14. lanval

    What about food??

    I found that restaurants along the way often opened somewhere between 7 and 8. The food was almost always good and healthy. There are cafes along thee walk that you can have breakfast and lunches in, although often the lunch menu is limited to sandwiches (bocadillos), spanish tortilla, and...
  15. lanval

    guidebook vs. map

    I agree with Jeff. that being said, I used both Bethan Davies and Ben Cole book and map. I found the colour map a great place for little notes about things I encountered along the way.