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  1. Laura the Explora

    A stay of greater than 90 days

    Be aware, you can’t simply leave Schengen and the 90 days starts over. It’s 90 days out of 180 regardless of how it’s split up.
  2. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    Our friend from the US just had a paper copy of his vaccination dates, and that worked fine. At this point, I don’t think you need proof of vaccination to get into Portugal from Spain, but some albergues and hotels require it.
  3. Laura the Explora

    Which route has more Spanish Speakers?

    I’ve done the Frances twice, Portuguese once, and first half of the Norte, and the Primitivo. The place we found the most Spanish speakers that weren’t in the hoards from Sarria or already in a group of their own was the Primitivo. Plus you can complete the whole thing in your time frame. An...
  4. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    We walked from Porto on the coastal route and the biggest issue was that a lot of the albergues in Portugal were closed so we had to book other hostels or hotels. We had to book days in advance in august since it was also tourist season. Since albergues are closed, you might need to book ahead...
  5. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    Thank you! We just finished the Frances and noticed how much busier it was at the end.
  6. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    Starting this Saturday (so august)
  7. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    Hello 👋 We are planning on walking some of the Camino portugués from Porto. We are unlikely to complete the whole thing with our timetable. which route would people that have walked or recommend? The costal or the interior? Thanks in advance!
  8. Laura the Explora

    Albergue Izar in Viana (Francés)

    Hello Does anyone know if albergue Izar in Viana on the Frances is open? The phone number listed are either out of service or no one answers. I sort of assume that means they are closed but wanted to see if anyone knew. thanks!
  9. Laura the Explora

    How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

    Good information for backpacking! When packing for the Camino, there’s usually not anything heavy to carry, especially if you keep your pack to around 5-6 kilos (~10-12lbs). For me, I pack my bag according to what I use most (sunscreen, ibuprofen), will need when I get to the albergue (towel...
  10. Laura the Explora

    Good backpack for petite women? Help!

    Hi Serena I’ve done 2 caminos and am doing my 3rd this summer. I’m 5’2’, 110ish pounds. I really like my Osprey 26L, but understand feeling like it digs in. It did for me at my hips but my body got used to it. A friend who is about my size also uses this pack. That being said, I would have...