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  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    I am in Roncesvalles at the moment. Yesterday (Saturday) pilgrims came in late in the afternoon. They had walked up the Route Napoleon, were stopped by polica at Arisson because of the fires. Some pilgrims called a taxi to bring them back to...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    Laurie Bryan Larson reacted to Ann Watters's post in the thread PSA: Wear Chacos! with Like Like.
    Chacos Z-Cloud sandals, often with injinji toe socks, got me through my Camino as well; I also ditched the trainers after one day and my only blister. The toe loop model works better than the one without, for me, but they have been the most...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    Laurie Bryan Larson reacted to CaminoLars's post in the thread PSA: Wear Chacos! with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    This is a public service announcement for any aspiring pilgrims who are considering making their journey in a pair of Chacos. DO IT! As you prepare, you'll probably be reading the same sandal criticisms that I read on various forums. I suspect...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    Hi Carol - I have volunteered through FICS at all 3 locations--Grado, Najera and Canfranc and plan on being a hospi again in 2023. What I love about the experience is that it really adds another layer to your Camino experience. It's wonderful...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    For those who'd like to volunteer with FICS in 2023: I make up the schedules in December 2022. We run municipal albergues in Grado, Asturias (16 beds, donativo); Canfranc Pueblo, Aragon (16 beds, donativo); and Najera, La Rioja (48 beds, 6...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    That should be the subtitle of this entire forum!!! 😂😂😂. We all try our best, but memories fade and information changes and the results are always a mixed bag of good intentions and out-dated info. Thanks for the honesty and pointing them in a...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    I did my training with Rebekah/FICS and have done two shifts in Grado and one in Nájera. The first couple of days can be quite hectic, but as you learn how to organize and plan, the cleaning gets faster and you can have some hours to yourself...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    Laurie Bryan Larson reacted to Vacajoe's post in the thread I’d like to hear from some Hospitaleros with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    My wife and I responded to a call for hospitaleros at the new albergue in Canfranc Pueblo (Camino Aragon). It is managed by the Spanish pilgrim association known as FICS - Rebekah Scott was our American contact person. We found the experience...
  • Laurie Bryan Larson
    It is also on TV! I have walked a couple Caminos where I met professional Physiatrists who were walking just to determine why patients had felt changed after walking. They said they thought it was just another hike and had no idea why patients...

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