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Recent content by LesR

  1. LesR

    CP from Lisbon - Sep 2020

    Most likely waiting for the seeds to dry our sufficiently for harvesting, then waiting for the harvest contractor to arrive - I suspect that, given the size, cost and complexity of harvesting equipenmt these days, sunflower farmers are unlikely to own their own harvestors and rely on travelling...
  2. LesR

    Do I change it or do I still keep it?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it... And if it is beyond its use-by date (or near to), you have the choice of replacing it with same, or looking to a newer model from the same maker, or looking more widely.... with increasing risk that it may not be what you want/need. The conservative walker...
  3. LesR

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    ‘Immunity from infection’ and ‘being infected but asymptomatic’ are rather different things...?
  4. LesR

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    I would like to think that this is the considered and collegiate view of competent epidemiologists, but as no reference is given, it is more likely to be just another urban myth... Given COV-2 woudl seem to be regarded as a novel vorus (as far as humans are concerned), I wonder wher this...
  5. LesR

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    I am with you on this.... A genuine and competent scientist would let the quality of their data and analysis speak for itself. Someone who extorts others to spread 'the word' invites skepticism about both motives and the quality of their science...
  6. LesR

    One of the most beautiful stages of the Camino Frances

    i took that route in 2018 - the hardest day in three caminos.... and I loved it!
  7. LesR

    Thoughts on "The Camino provides" and similar sayings

    My humble view is that the saying "the Camino will provide" is valid only as a broad generalisation, and does not necessarily hold at the micro level... A literal interpretation provides cover for 'pilgrims' who do not do the necessary preparation on the assumption that they can head off into...
  8. LesR

    Theft in Leon and Logrono

    If guilty as charged, then let off for good behavior... Clealry, security of your passport, etc. is not an obsession with you... I would pat my pocketds as I left an albegue in the morning, ensuring that, in order, my passport, my wallet/travel cards, my camera and my guidebook were where they...
  9. LesR

    The Road Not Taken

    My humble view is that one can only walk one Camino at any given time... The Camino you walk today will not be there tomorrow. So enjoy the moment and have no regrets about the Camino you might have walked had you taken a different path. Remember - you cannot change what happened yesterday...
  10. LesR

    Theft in Leon and Logrono

    I disagree - being too careful comes close to paranoia... I too was very wary when I started CF2017 and took pains to secrete wallet, passport, camera and iPad every night, but found that I relaxed no end by Burgos... I stopped behaving as if everyone I met was a thief just waiting to strip me...
  11. LesR


    There are two types of people that walk a camino - those who pre-plan for dealing with bedbugs, and those who don't... I have walked three caminos now and have not met bedbugs once. Have met a handful of others who have and they seemed to manage quite well. If I am to walk another camino, I...
  12. LesR

    Severely Visually Impaired Walking Portuguese Coastal Sept 2021

    I walked Camino Portuguese Sept/Oct 2019, staying on the Senda Litoral as far as I could, and there were two issues that I recall that would be relevant to your plans... Firstly, the trail after Hotel Sorrema heads inland en route to San Pedro da Ramallosa, and the surface became somewhat...
  13. LesR

    I should have lived the moment

    I bought some seeds (Diggers Seeds for us Assies) and grew my own this last summer - three plants grew to bearing stage. I still have the plants in pots in a (comparatively) frost free spot, and hope to carry them through to Spring when I wil plant them out into a full sun situation and...
  14. LesR


    I agree - the canned radler was pretty ordinary... That said, the 'mixed in front of you' of beer and lemon squash/soda was ordinary too... However, the draught 'limon beer' (or whatever one cares to call it) was brilliant - just the thing after a long hard days walking! Cannot wait to get bac...
  15. LesR

    COVID New Health form for travelers to Spain

    I wonder how the form (and Spanish authorities) will cope with pilgrims not being able to specify, in advance, each night's accommodation?