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  1. Lindsay from Scotland

    Anything wrong with wanting to walk alone?

    It is when I am walking by myself that I realise that I am not alone. with love Lindsay
  2. Lindsay from Scotland

    Where to start in France?!

    I walked from Le Puy to Pampalona on the GR65 in August 2019 and just loved it loved it. I would just like to add to all the previous good information that French campsites are great, especially the basic municipal variety. I carried a lightweight one man tent and carrymat (1.5 kg or 1.2...
  3. Lindsay from Scotland

    COVID Covid vs the "Camino Crud"?

    Moderators.Please close this thread! You travel - You get bugs - You get better Grow up, It’s normal. Lindsay
  4. Lindsay from Scotland

    e bikes ?

    I would like thank everyone for sharing their thoughts about e-bikes on the camino. You have helped me to clarify my own thinking on the matter. E-bikes are just another sign of changes with time and we will adapt. It is perhaps a mistake to grasp at the past and expect the camino to be as it...
  5. Lindsay from Scotland

    e bikes ?

    I started this thread in order to hear other people’s thoughts on the use of motorised bicycles on the camino Frances. As I understand it electrically powered bicycles assist the user be adding power proportionately to the users pedalling effort. The majority of e-bikes I am seeing on the...
  6. Lindsay from Scotland

    e bikes ?

    Greetings from Ponferrada Sophie and I are walking the Frances at the moment after a 4 year break from walking. The descent from Cruz de Ferro we found quite challenging but it’s great to just be here. I have noticed that a lot of cycling peligrinos are using ‘e bikes’ this year, charging up...
  7. Lindsay from Scotland

    If flying to Madrid from another country, what are your current concerns about the Camino Frances in September?

    My wife and I are flying from Edinburgh to Madrid 3rd September to pick up the Frances in Burgos. We are both over 70yrs and double vaccinated with ‘astracenica’. Our main concern is catching Covid but we can catch that in Edinburgh, so walking in the fresh air of Spain and meeting up with...
  8. Lindsay from Scotland

    Camino Songs

    I usually play it with a swing back beat and capo on 2 depends on your voice !
  9. Lindsay from Scotland

    Camino Songs

    'It aint Rock and Roll but we like it! Hi there Mr Stravaiger, The guitar I use on my stravaigs (and that is also an old Scottish word!) is a copy of a Martin backpacker. To make it work I use a split plywood profile shaped like a classical strapped to its back. The nylon strung version is...
  10. Lindsay from Scotland

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    O.K! Three best moments from CF 2017 The first was on the trail from Burguete when I realised that this was now for real. No more false starts or promises this was me on the Camino. I wept and saw the world, literally in a new light. Number two was an early start from Astorga, in the dark with...