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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.

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    COVID The Omicron variant and its implications for the camino

    Search for a testing site online and make sure it’s for a pcr test. They generally get the result back within 24 hours but check that too so you have it before boarding your flight. It is a little tricky but doable. Good luck!
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    Where to start in France?!

    I would definitely study some French. There is very little if any English spoken on the Le Puy route at least. Emailing or phoning ahead for a place to stay so you can plan your route is good. I went in mid September to mid October and until October 3 or so I needed to reserve a week ahead in...
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    COVID Portugal reimposes rules as COVID-19 cases rise (Nov 25, 2021)

    No I think their govt is just adding the negative test to the vax status. We still have to have a negative pcr Covid test along with our vax QR code to get into Canada.
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    Hiking poles (please bear with me) need honest advice.

    I walked the Le Puy for 14 days without them. I don’t use them. However I had to cut my walk short as I got terrible blisters despite having comfortable supportive shoes and wonder if having poles might have helped.
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    After the Camino

    My husband came over to France after I did a planned portion of the chemin du st Jacques and we stayed mostly in Provence and relaxed. I continued to walk every day around 15-20 km and since where we were was quite flat he joined me. Have a great camino! Lisa
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    Best time to walk the Le Puy

    I just walked half of it in mid September to early October. Had a couple of misty days but it was lovely. Do make reservations in advance so you know you have something in your chosen spot to overnight no matter what you hear. I didn’t and had trouble with getting spots and I had read I just...
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    My Situation on booking the flight

    I bought my ticket early last March for a September departure and it worked out fine.
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    My Situation on booking the flight

    Hi Todd! I can feel your concern. My mom is a healthy 83 however anything can happen and I did part of the Way of St James this fall. I got a fully refundable rebook-able, and changeable (up to within 24 hours of departure) ticket with Air France and I had to change it several times with no...
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    No response from a French Health authorities

    This is still a problem. You can try to reapply because sometimes it will come through within ten minutes. Mine took over a month and in the meantime I got a negative Covid test to last me 3 days then found a pharmacy in Paris that transferred my vaccination records from Canada into a permanent...
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    COVID Any reason for concern about post covid surge in 2022?

    Actually there’s been a bit of a post Covid 2021 surge on the chemin d St Jacques Le Puy to Conques. I arrived sept 20 assuming I could book a day in advance and be fine and that was definitely not the case. I prebooked for the next 10 days and had to try several places for each night. Many...
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    COVID Vaccine certificate needed for entry to bars and restaurants in Galicia?

    All I know is that the French QR code is needed in france to go anywhere. I had my Canadian vaccination papers transferred over to the French QR code at a pharmacie for 20€. Not all pharmacies do it though. I had double Pfizer.
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    COVID Where to find Covid PCR testing in Paris?

    There are Covid testing tents all over Paris and there was a Covid testing site I saw at CDG. I was able to have my vaccination records transferred over to a French QR permanent code at à pharmacie in Paris.
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    French health pass not being processed

    Yes and that’s what I applied to yesterday. It all uploaded successfully so now I wait.
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    French health pass not being processed

    I got the same thing and applied again. Also flying Air France and they asked for the same stuff to be uploaded and sent again. I guess the worst is that we have to take a Covid test in france to get a temporary health pass. But what if we don’t get one?
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    Passport sanitaire from French government is not required

    Thanks! I’ve still requested mine with all my info but this is good news for me as I’m landing in Paris the 5th. Hopefully mine will come in so I can go to museums before my camino walk.