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    Can you identify this Pablo Neruda poem?

    I found the translation on line but no refenrences. Por eso tengo que volver a tantos sitios veneridos para encontrarme conmigo y examinarme sin cesar sin testigo que la luna, y luego silbar de alegria pisando piedras y terrones sin tarea que existir sin familia que el camino Pablo Neruda
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    Can you identify this Pablo Neruda poem?

    I will look i have a few volumes. I would be really interested in reading your compilation when it is completed! r
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    Forum Book Club - 4 - The Great Westward Walk (Antxon González Gabarain)

    Its sold out on Ivars store...any idea how i could get a copy in the US?
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    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    I met Pepo la Tortuga, he walks continuously. He is from Alicante i think ans says he likes the people, its cheaper than renting a place, and it helped him qit alcohol. Here is an article about him:
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    Am I the only one who...

    Ooo could you share the name of this crime story book please?
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    Post covid.camino

    Thank you, all options are so exciting.
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    Post covid.camino

    That sounds absolutely wonderful, i am going to consider it.
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    Post covid.camino

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    Post covid.camino

    Yes, looks like you can buy or rent through Reelhouse Films and all proceeds go to the catholic charities mentioned in the movie.
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    Post covid.camino

    Wow thank you so much Robo i will watch the movie!!! Just what i am looking for!
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    Post covid.camino

    I had a ticket to Spain for this coming January to do my yearly winter camino. I've cancelled it due to Covid. Backpack remains fully packed and ready though, teasing me. I've decided to do a really long walk when we are safe again, maybe walk for half a year or so. I am looking for...
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    Walking now

    I met Rubén on the cf last winter, and we have stayed in touch. He is walking again, the vdlp this time. He just reached astorga and some journalist caught up with him and wrote this article for an Astorga paper...
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    Donation Box

    I always thought it would be nice to be able to send stuff, like walking sticks that you can't take on the plane back home, or swiss army knives, to an address at the beginning of the Frances to people starting out. Does such an address exist?
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    Winter Camino Frances?

    Yes! Sure hope so!