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  1. lonestarmatt

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    There is little debate that walking the Camino is a physical challenge. Walking our first CF in 2014 at 55 and our second CF in 2019 at 60 reinforces the idea that you have to walk the Camino to learn how to walk the Camino. My wife and I experienced sore feet, blisters, injured Achilles...
  2. lonestarmatt

    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 3: CAMINO A to Z

    The Collacation exercise was a great success! Below is a complete list of 112 "Camino-isms". A collocation is simply a collection of two or more words that commonly occur. Some are very familiar - others, not so much. A few definitions were provided; a few are self-explanatory; there may be some...
  3. lonestarmatt

    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 2: CAMINO COLLOCATION

    7 Days post Camino - things are different - mostly good, perhaps a few not-so-good, definitely different. If you read this post and you've walked a Camino, most likely you know the feeling. If you’re doing research for a future Camino, this may not make as much sense. Suzie and I have walked two...
  4. lonestarmatt

    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 1: NOT TOO MUCH, NOT TOO FAST.

    As Suzie and I return from Spain, we experience what many Pilgrims experience. Life in America is Fast! Life in Spain, not so much. Suzie's Dad, Bob Laird (RIP), had the best explanation in the world for Mañana. Ask almost anyone and they'll say Mañana means tomorrow. Ask Bob and you get the...
  5. lonestarmatt

    Camino Transom Windows

    While reading Ivar's "Popular Topics" today, my wife Suzie asked what I post on the Forum. Tomorrow is our 40th wedding anniversary - earlier this year we each celebrated our 60th birthdays. We walked Camino Frances from St. Jean in 2014 - there were 6 in our group. In September, we return to...
  6. lonestarmatt

    2nd Camino-portugues

    I walked Camino Frances in 2014 from St. Jean to Santiago with my wife, daughter and friends. I walked the Camino Portugues solo from October 1 to October 15. I started from Porto and walked along the coastline the first day. This year, my wife and I returned to Spain to walk Camino Finisterre...
  7. lonestarmatt

    Porto- Santiago, September 2016

    I haven't made it to Braga and two places that other Pilgrims discussed with on Camino Portugues were the Variante Espiritual and Hebron near Padron. Two of the Pilgrims I met enjoyed a boat ride down the river on the Espiritual and several pilgrims talked about the communal meal at Hebron that...
  8. lonestarmatt

    Porto- Santiago, September 2016

    Your plans are similar to my trip last October. I took the Metro out to Matosinhos and walked to Vila do Conde. It was mostly road walking from Vila do Conde to Sao Pedro de Rates. You will meet more pilgrims in Rates. And, you'll get the "infamous" tw0-color stamp for your credencial. I stopped...
  9. lonestarmatt

    Frances versus Portuguese Way

    I trained from Lisbon to Porto and took a day to see the Cathedral and walk the river. The next day I took the Metro to Matosinhos and walked the coastline to Vila do Conde. It's a very peaceful walk with very few pilgrims. I know many people continue the coastline, but there were a few things I...
  10. lonestarmatt

    Frances versus Portuguese Way

    Having walked Camino Frances in 2014 and Camino Portugues in 2015 (from Porto), it was sometimes a challenge not to continuously compare the two. One of my realizations along The Way is you'll only have One First Camino. While it may be stating the obvious, your first Camino experience will...
  11. lonestarmatt

    Accommodation from Porto

    I walked the Camino Portugues solo from October 1 to October 15. I walked from the Cathedral to the River my first day in Porto. The next day, I took the Metro to Matosinhos to walk the coast. This is a great option in lieu of Braga. Good seafood along the coast and in Vila do Conde. No...
  12. lonestarmatt

    help and advice needed for solo and first time.

    1. If you're walking Camino Frances, there will be plenty of albergues along The Way - some public (municipals and parochials), some private, casa rurals (bed and breakfast), hotels in bigger cities. If you're solo, you'll have many options to start and stop when you like and a single bed will...
  13. lonestarmatt

    SIM or AT&T Passport

    When I walked Camino Frances in 2014, there were 5 in our group and we all purchased a Spanish SIM card to allow us to text to each other. It worked fairly well except the package we purchased (240 minutes voice and unlimited texting) expired a the end of the month and required renewal. Because...
  14. lonestarmatt

    Last minute advice for first timers.

    After walking Camino Frances in 2014 and Camino Portugues in 2015, my best advice is to let the Camino come to You. It's not a race - give yourself time to watch the wind blow through the trees, smell the early morning baking bread, listen to the rhythmic waters of the many streams and rivers...
  15. lonestarmatt

    How many days

    I walked Porto to Santiago this past October. First, the easy answer - you can purchase a Pilgrim Passport at the Cathedral. I did not spend a lot of time at the Cathedral and unfortunately did not visit the second floor where there is a 16th Century statute of St James - this is mentioned in...